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No More Cat Pee Everywhere … READ My PERMANENT Solution STORY to Smelly Cat Urine

Having a cat pee all over the house can drive you crazy. It stinks and creates unnecessary work to clean up the mess.

Bottom line… it creates unnecessary stress that you could do without. And the longer this stress builds up, the worse it gets.

But what can you do to fix it? Well, it appears you’ve only got two options:

  • Lock your cat up in one room during the day
  • Or get rid of it completely

I’m guessing you’d prefer to not have to do either of these… True?

Well you don’t have to… Here’s the good news…

Read My Story to Know The Solution …

Back then when I was a little kid, growing up was all I was looking forward to. Both of my parents were doctors; I was certainly always proud of them and decided that when I am as old as they are, I am going to be a successful doctor too.

Definitely, growing up in a house with two doctors have gotten me more interested in the medicine field, so I have finally grown up and gone to the school of medicine. I spent those years of education with my parents, and after graduation, I realized that it is time for me to be independent and have my own place, so I bought a house and had to say goodbye to my parents.

It was the first time for me to be living completely on my own; I spend long hours at the hospital and when I go home, I am usually too tired to think about anything, but it was not really fun being on your own, especially on the weekends and, unfortunately, I have not yet met my other half. Although I feel so relieved when the weekend was already here, but it was also the time when I sit there on the couch feeling like I am the loneliest person on earth; this is usually the time when I miss my parents the most.

On one of my working days, I felt like venting to one of closest colleagues and he actually invited me to stay at his place, so I did feel that lonely, but I had to decline politely, then he suggested that I actually should own a pet. He said it was going to be a great friend for me on my days off, and I actually liked what I heard, consequently, I decided that this weekend, I would be going around the city looking for my new little friend at every pet shop I see.

The weekend had already arrived. I woke up that morning a little too excited than the usual, I was like a little kid whose parents were taking to buy a new pet, a kid that was too confused which pet should he go for. Nostalgic for those old days as I felt, I had to call my parents to say hi and I also thought it would be nice to ask them what to go for as well.

Upon hearing my mom’s soft voice, I realized that I was actually missing her more than I thought. We kept talking for long hours, telling her about my job, sharing funny jokes, and remembering how our lives used to be. I told her that I am going to own a pet, and I was actually expecting that she would tell me to get a dog; I had always known that she was a dog person, but instead she kept reminding me of those days when I came home from school and I could not wait to watch the Garfield show. I remembered that I have always wanted to own a cat, but my parents would not let me to because they believed that pets are little messy creatures and they did not have time to clean up after them, so she told me it is time to make my long lost dream to be granted.

I hung up with my mom and I was getting ready to go and find my little buddy. After roaming around the city, that I was getting to know better for the first time since I usually went home after the hospital, I finally came across a pet shop. Pulling over, I was looking for a vacant spot in the parking lot. I already parked the car and went into the shop. I was like a little kid who gets too excited upon seeing a lot of adorable pets.

Suddenly, there she was, a princess-like cat who was sitting in the corner, ignoring all of the other playful feline buddies around her. I was not sure why exactly I picked up that one, but I felt like this is the cat I would love to come back home to.

I was already out of the store with that little lady along with me, I named her Agatha, but I was actually sure if I picked that name because this cat seemed a bit mysterious to me just like those stories written by Agatha Christie or because “Agatha” means good in Greek, and I felt like this cat was a good one that I would not have to keep cleaning up after, but, either way, I loved the name and thought it fit her perfectly.

I went home and I was ready to introduce Agatha to her new home, but it seemed that she already made herself home and found her perfect corner. I left the little cat for some time, and I went shopping, buying all the stuff that I thought Agatha would need from food, toys, a comfy little bed, and, of course, the litter box. I was so excited knowing that there is someone to take care of and look after, after all, I was a doctor and that was my job; taking care of other people and curing them.

Before leaving the house, I put anything that I was afraid that Agatha might get a bit curious about and break out of sight, but, to my surprise, I got back home to find Agatha peacefully sleeping and was not up to causing any trouble, I felt relieved and thought that I made a great decision. I put back everything in its place again, innocently, assuming that this is how peaceful my life is going to be even with Agatha around.

It has not taken Agatha so long before it started to practice its feline behaviors around the house. Out of the blue, Agatha would start running around the house like crazy, seemingly chasing something that only she was capable of seeing, and along this marathon, she would break a glass, a vase, or whatever seems to be unfortunately on the way by that time. I was fine with it and told myself that I was going to get used to it; it would just take some time, especially, because I used to come back home with no significant life to be around, so I gave myself, and Agatha, some time to get used to each other.

Every once in a while, Agatha would run around the house crazily and then, suddenly, lay on the floor lazily just watching the world go by. Agatha’s weird behaviors grow to be normal to me day after day, but one thing I could not get used to was getting home to find it smell like a trash bin, looking around to find that Agatha freely sprayed all around the house and then sat there pretending like she had done nothing at all.

No matter how many times I try to train her to pee in the litter box, for some mysterious reason, it never seemed to work. I got used to going back home from the hospital, after working for almost 36 hours straight, and find that I had more work to do; I had to clean the floor, the sofa, and, basically, everything that Agatha’s tiny paws land on. It was very frustrating, but I was actually the one asking for it out of loneliness.

Over some time, things got incredibly overwhelming, I was not intentionally trying to sign up for two full-time jobs; I was like sending myself to death, slowly but steady.

On one of my pretty tiring days, I was exhausted more than ever, and all I could ever think about is when I was going home to throw myself on bed and sleep for what feels like an eternity, but it seemed like a big surprise was waiting for me, and not in a positive way. I went home not only to realize how stinky it smelled but also to see how messy it has come to be; it seemed like I had been robbed. I tried to remain calm as much as I could, but I could not, I lost it. I kept screaming and yelling at Agatha, swearing that by tomorrow she would have been gone forever and I was not actually touched by that little sad eyes it was looking at me with.

On the next day, the same friend who suggested for me to own a pet approached, asking me for the reason I look this grumpy, and I had told him. Hearing that I was going to ditch my own pet, he accused me of being very heartless, and I actually realized that it was true, but, to my surprise, he had a great solution for me. He told about a product called “Cat Spraying No More”; it is a product that cat owners use to stop their feline buddies from peeing anywhere outside the litter box. I was so excited by the idea and thought that I had to buy it, no matter how much it was going to cost me, but at least I would be able to keep my buddy and apologize to her.

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I went to the website and I read all the reviews that people have posted about the product. As soon as I found how positive the reviews everywhere in addition to their full money back guarantee, I found myself ordering it.

I read the instructions and followed them thoroughly, and then magic happened; Agatha had never peed outside her litter box anymore. I eventually apologized for yelling and shouting at her earlier.
I no longer finish work to go find my home smelling like a stink, besides, I was able to save a lot of money because I no longer needed to buy all of those cleaning products or change my furniture. I succeeded in keeping my home clean, saving money, and keeping my feline buddy around.

If you happen to have a cat and suffer from its peeing around, or if you are still thinking of owning one, I would recommend “Cat Spraying No More” should be on the very top of your list. It saves time, energy, and MONEY! (It’s cost is $37 one time fee), REALLY, you will thank me later.

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