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Nexcess.net Hosting Review !

 About the host

Nexcess is a provider of domain hosting, Magneto hosting, WordPress, and enterprise hosting. Their service can be custom-built and tailored according to their clients’ needs. They also give scalable services for those clients who have grown their business with them. They provide options and additions to your growing web domain.

As a user of their product, I’m impressed with their WordPress hosting service. They have an optimized security and scalable solutions provided to my domain. They have WP-OBP, which stands for WordPress- Optimized Blog Platfom, built in. They made use of the latest WordPress software which you will find very self-contained and have sharper imaging.

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I have my blog page arrange in a very artful way. With the optimized attribute, my blog page contained everything I need like reseller buttons, link form my other pages and a lot of fun images which made it very attractive to my viewers. I really like it al lot!


 About the product

Nexcess WordPress is like a dream come true for bloggers. With the latest WordPress software, I was able to maintain very exciting domain page. They equipped my WordPress with Advanced Policy Firewall which optimized my security and speeds up performance and loading. They have a back up battery for hardware support. They also have an additional SAS Raid controller and a huge 256MB write cache. This means that both hardware and software are on top of the rank. This makes my WordPress very reliable and sophisticated.

 How the product works

The latest WordPress software provides the most vivid images for my page. I was able to add more images and click-buttons for resellers to other networks. With the attractive colors and attractive images on my page, I get a lot of positive comments and a lot of viewers, too!

The additional APF made me very confident that there will never be any infiltration to my domain. Why I love this feature so much? It is because I will have a worry-free web-life. I will just have all my time enjoying building my domain in a way that I fancy. Aside from that, I am in no doubt that if my domain gets big, Nexcess will provide additional modifications for my increasing domain needs. With their scalable service, Nexcess and I will surely be together for a long time.


There’s a lot of advantage I get to enjoy with Nexcess WordPress. First is the security which they made sure cannot be infiltrated. They made me very secure with my domain. Second to this is the latest software for WordPress which has given a lot of life, color and attractiveness to my domain. Nothing beats the satisfaction that I got by just looking at my page. Third is the self-contained ability of my domain which is able to integrate all the useful things I need like reseller buttons to Facebook, Twitter and other links.

On top of that, after striving for my domain to get bigger and bigger, Nexcess will surely be there as I make my page popular and increase in traffic. It is like Nexcess is there to help me build my business in the web.



Pointing a disadvantage is very personal to me. With the sharp imagery and sophisticated WordPress attribute, I become very keen about domain design and functionality. Whenever I visit a certain domain with a bad layout and low quality profile, I feel disgusted. Why didn’t they hear about Nexcess? It makes me sad.



Nexcess has many affiliated monetary management companies. If you have problems with payments using Paypal, they provide other alternatives like 2Checkups.com, Braintree and Stripe. They provide flexible payment solutions and assistance.



Nexcess hosting truly lives on their statement which is to assist their clients’ domain with scalable services and out-of-the-box performance. I’m truly satisfied with how they handle my WordPress. I love the security, scalability and sophistication they give to me. I will highly recommend this web hosting server.

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