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Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women

“Puffer coats” its name shows to us that it will make you look puffy and bulky, but if you choose it carefully you will feel incredibly warm, because it will give you more protection from cold.

How and when to wear it  and what about the mistakes which you should avoid while purchasing.

You should see and try all colors and kinds of puffer coats, then choose carefully what fits you and is suitable to your body shape.

Puffer-coat-2013-model Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women
Puffer-coat-Fashion-2013 Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women

To look slim in puffer coat, you should avoid choosing the wrong coat. The wrong puffer coat makes you looks as one piece from neck to knee , because it removes the waist shape .

SO you have to purchase a woman coat with a belt on its sides. Number of fashionista prefer black puffer coats to make women look slim.

You have to know that your choice reflects your personality. Puffer coats with chunky pockets look sporty and suits many students and colleges.

To businesswomen, you should choose simple one without excessive in its details; because excessive will make you buffy.

Puffer-coat-women Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women
Puffer-coat-Fashion Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women

You’d better to choose the tall puffer coat to give you extra overlooking.

Mixing of colors and pairing have an important role in your look in wearing the buffer coat.

In wearing the buffer coat, it is preferred to pair with leggings, skinny jeans and you can wear a pair of high heels to complete your lovely look.

Puffer-coat Newest Puffer coat Fashion for women

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