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The 15 Newest Interior Design Ideas for Your Home in 2019

Interior design may be just the way your house looks for a lot of people, but in fact, it is more than that. The design you choose for revamping your house can say a lot about your personality; for example, some people love pastel colors, others prefer bold ones; some are attracted to dark accents while others like light ones. Each of these preferences reveals a lot about your own thoughts and emotions. However no matter how people may perceive this matter differently, they will all agree in the end that your house is your comfort zone; the place where you get the chance to shut the world out for a while; the place where you rest your exhausted body and mind, leaving your daily obligations right at the threshold of your door.

As a result, pretty much like everything else, your house needs to be taken care of and not only because it is nice to make it look pretty, but also as a lot of studies have shown that unorganized and messy homes can make you get into a mood of depression, even for a temporary time. If your house is chaotic, you may find yourself less comfortable with being there and you would prefer staying outdoors as long as you can, but that is not how it should be. To avoid this conflict, you better update your house with the latest decoration trends, and then you may find yourself wanting to spend more time in your own house. Check the latest trends of interior designs out and choose what might be best for you.


Green is such an amazing natural color that can give your environment a simple touch of nature and forests, right? Well, thinking of these places makes you, spontaneously, believe how beautiful your house could look if it has had a simple brush out of them. Gladly, one of the newest trends in interior design right now is that simple bright green, so it would actually be amazing for you to make it the theme of one of your room’s walls.


Turn your home into a beautiful indoor island by having your walls printed in tropical leaf prints. Your home will turn into a nice brush of tropics, featuring different themes of tropical plants such as palms. These prints are available in the form of printed wallpapers; you can get to choose the pattern that works perfectly to your place.


Don’t get us wrong here; most of us hated Math when we were young at school, but do not worry; this time, things are different. The only thing that is related to that subject is the patterns and shapes that will be used on your wall as one of the trendiest designs out there right now; circles, triangles and so on, besides, no one can deny that they look nice when used as decors, especially when they are full of colors; they will give your home a right look.


Vanities have become a trend for once more, but what is actually trending is not having a vanity at your place, but customizing one that goes perfectly with your decoration. You should carefully choose how you want the cabinet to look like; its size, and the shapes of the drawers. A lot of homeowners now have gained the knowledge of how to convert an old cabinet into an exceptional vanity.


Yes, having your wall designed decorated with a lot of colorful butterflies has become a trend in home decors’ world. It is one of our favorite patterns of designs because it gives your home a happy theme, making your environment look more positive and spread a lot of good vibes in every corner of your home.


We have some great news for all the people out there who are short on time and low on a budget; you do not really have to do anything to your wall in order to cope with the trending designs. In fact, you can just leave your wall untreated as well as unpainted, looking plastered and exposing the bricks. Yes, it is not a joke; your unpainted walls have actually become a new trend that a lot of people are after; so now, you can save your money and time, and enjoy having a trendy house.


Let us assume you already have your house designed perfectly, but you think it just needs a little brush up in order to shine. Well, no more furniture pieces; if you are at that stage in your house, you will just need some unique lighting fixtures that will spot the light over your exclusive place. Having eccentric shades and lights has become a trendy way to decorate your house, so you should consider installing some unusual lighting systems in your house and give your place a new look.


Isn’t it invigorating seeing a room that is totally immersed in white? This color makes the room actually looks like a piece of heaven, but, on the other hand, it still has its downside because too much white can give the room that clinical feeling, right? In point of fact, what can make the room even more toned is balancing between the bright white and the creamy off-whites; this way, you will give your room a nice and warm tone and things will still look invigorating as well as refreshing. This exclusive tone blending has been going up-to-the-minute and is getting viral among the white lovers and all of those trying to rev up their interior designs.


Mixing several patterns together has become a thing ever since it was seen on the runway of New York Fashion Week back in fall 2016. Such a style has inspired the interior designers to imitate it while creating new schemes for homes, making it one of trendiest designs this year. You may think that seeing a lot of patterns all at once can make the design look crowded, but, of course, that was taken into consideration and patterns have been arranged accordingly, creating even more beautiful designs.


Vintage decoration always creates a sense of sophistication and elegance which is, probably, the reason it has been going trendy this year. Vintage designs usually include light colors and soft patterns that create a delicate environment. It is said that vintage is one of newest trends that are getting popular this year, for people are falling in love with the warm vibes that this style creates; as a result, it became highly demanded.


Of course, this would have been so comfortable if it was literal, but, as luck would have it, it is not. These showers are designed to have glasses around your place, making the outside trees and nature clearly obvious, but that does not mean that you will be seen from the outside while showering; the design actually maintains high privacy, so you can be able to have a look at the outer side, but not the other way around. This exclusive design has been highly demanded, making its way to the top of the list of the newest trends this year.


Yes, you can have the whole world get printed on your own wall; printing large maps is how it goes. Having maps printed or hung on your wall was a popular trend for a very long time, but it has made an appearance for once again in 2017. People love this trend, for it is not only a great inspiration but educational as well since it broadens your knowledge about the geography of the world. You do not have to be a traveler bug in order to fall in love with such trend, you should only be passionate about learning more about the world.


No pun intended here, but we are actually pointing to the fact that all the shades of gray have been popular throughout the designs of last year and the color is also making its way to the top this year. Gray is deemed to be a special color as it kind of balances a full scale of different colors starting from one end that is as bright as white and ending at a dark one as black, not to mention all of the light and deep shades of gray that fall in the middle of this wide spectrum.


Black is always taken as the role model of all the other colors, for the elegance and stylishness it presents in almost everything ranging from fashions to interior designs. But this time, black is not the color that is being dominant anymore, although that does not change its prominent status, but navy blue is taking over this time. It does not matter whether you chose it as a color for your kitchen cabinets or the paint of your bedroom’s walls, it will work perfectly either ways. Besides, navy blue is known to pair so well with other colors effortlessly creating a nice accent to your place.


This ritual symbol has been used in a lot of coloring books as a method of self-therapy; to get yourself out of depression and distract your mind from gloomy thoughts. Consequently, it seems to be a nice and simple design to use in your own home since it has proven to be that relaxing. For that matter, mandala prints have been got printed on rugs, candles, and different stuff, paving its way through popularity in 2017.

You can also blend some of these trends together, putting your house on the top list of the most updated house in town.