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Newest Home Color Trends for Interior Design in 2018

To change the look of your home and make it inviting instead of being boring, you do not need to spend a lot of money or exert a huge effort. There are too many simple ideas that can allow you to easily and quickly update the look of different rooms at your home without the need to waste your money. By simply changing curtains, a few pieces of furniture, different decorative pieces that you use for decorating several spaces at your home, or wall paint, you can easily make your home look new. You can play with colors to change almost everything at your home such as furniture, walls, carpets, curtains, doors and more. There are new home color trends that are presented every year exactly like what happens in the world of fashion. Some of the new colors that are presented for our homes are inspired by the colors that are presented by fashion designers. If you do not like the idea of adding several colors to your room, then you can opt for using various shades of the same color. To know how to renew your home through using colors, check out the newest home color trends that are presented here for the next year.

♦ Pastel colors

Soft colors such as pink, beige, light gray, mint, powdery blue, rose, and yellow are all comfortable colors that have a great effect on our mood. They add a feminine and sophisticated touch to our rooms. Pastel colors are not only used in children’s bedrooms. These soft colors can be also found in living rooms, bedrooms, dining rooms and even bathrooms for more comfort and for brightening small rooms.

♦ Charcoal & light gray

Why to make your home look traditional while you can easily make it look modern and inviting? Deep gray, charcoal gray, or mineral gray can all be used to refer to the same shade which is dark gray. Apply matte gray to walls for a sophisticated mood. Dark gray can be paired with other amazing colors for a more dazzling look such as red, pink, yellow, and white. If you do not like dark shades, then try using light gray.

♦ Different shades of blue

The blue color can be used to recall the colors of the sky and ocean. It is presented in different shades to allow you to choose what makes you completely comfortable. There is Navy Blue which is one of the most amazing colors that you can use at your home for getting a stunning accent wall or renewing kitchen cabinets. It is presented as an alternative to black for being dark. It adds a touch of mystery to your rooms without making you feel that they are small exactly like the black color that we all love.

If you do not like using navy blue because of being very dark, then you can opt for other lighter shades such as Polished Aqua or light blue-green that helps you to show other colors in décor and furniture. You can also try teal or deep blue-green, turquoise, or powdery blue.

♦ Bright green & other shades

You can say that bright green is the color of the year. This cheerful shade can add a fresh look to your home especially in spring and summer seasons. In addition to bright green, you will also find jade or bright blue-green, mint green, and earthy green. To make your green rooms look more amazing, you can pair this color with orange accents or white paint and curtains to get stunning results.

♦ Lemon yellow, red & orange

Red, orange, and lemon or sunshine yellow are among the hottest colors that are presented for the new year. These fascinating colors have the ability to make you happier and more energetic. They can be used for creating an accent wall or painting a piece of furniture, the floor or the back of a door to get a stunning look and easily update your rooms.

If you do not want to change the paint color of your walls because you still love the colors you have or because this may cost you more money, then you can try the new colors in other various ways. You can change the carpets, curtains and other home accessories or paint a piece of furniture or even doors only without the need to change the colors of the walls.