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20+ Newest Handbag Trends in 2018

Handbags have always been of paramount significance to women for the well-known utility factor while they also double up as arm candy and unbeatable accessories. A true fashionista could never deny the importance of a great handbag and its ability to complete and sometimes transform a look. For the majority of women, the handbag is an accessory they step out of their homes with every day, and this accessory holds, even more, essentials and accessories that may be required on a daily basis.  For these reasons and many more, it is hard to deny the value of a trendy handbag. So let’s take a look at some handbag trends for 2018. Read further to know more.

9 Fringe/Tassel Bags

Bags with a fringe element or bags accessorized with tassels are all set to be big in 2018. These bags add an undeniable fun and flirty vibe to your casual or party outfits and are bound to grab the attention of hipsters with a preference for Boho-chic. Calvin Klein, Anna Sui, and Celine fringe bags are all worth looking out for if you aspire to add a fringe bag to your collection of accessories for 2018.

8 Striped Monochrome Bags

Every girl worthy of calling herself a fashionista is likely to be aware that you can never go wrong with black or white, and the same applies with handbags. Striped monochrome bags that are bound to be big in 2018 heavily borrow from this fashion fundamental and combine black and white in the form of stripes. This ensures that you can never go wrong with your striped handbag choice, and you cannot be accused of playing safe either. Phillip Lim, Celine, and Balmain striped bags are sure to be worth every buck you pay when their high-fashion potential for 2018 is taken into account.

7 Hatbox Style Bags

The convenience of vintage fashion is undeniable; so, if you have a hatbox style handbag tucked away in your closet, anytime is a good time to take it out. Vintage fashion never really goes away, so expect to see a resurgence of hatbox style bags in 2018. These circular bags have an undeniable aura of a time gone by and are the ultimate accessory for a retro look at parties and evening soirees. Circular bags including hatbox style bags were big on the 2017-2018 fall/winter runways, and these bags from widely-favored names like Chloe, Marchesa, Delpozo, and Mulberry are sure to find favor in 2018.

6 Pastel Shade Bags

If you are looking for the perfect bag to pair up with your morning wear during the summers of 2018, we highly recommend handbags in pastel shades. These pastel bags are a comforting detour from the monotony off dull tan and black bags that you often carry around; and while they are guaranteed to up the fashion ante for you, they are also sure to add a dash of color to even the bleakest of days. Pastel bags by known names like Victoria Beckham and Tom Ford are sure to find favor in 2018.

5 Floral Print Bags

If you are tired of the monotony and the politically correct androgyny of tan and black leather handbags that do little to flaunt your feminine side, we are quite sure that you will be delighted with the choice of floral print bags in 2018. The colors are guaranteed to be conspicuous and vibrant. What better way to proclaim and take pride in your femininity than floral prints. Floral print bags by Coach, Dolce & Gabbana and Tory Burch are just a few brilliant examples of what’s in store for you in 2018.

4 Tiny Bags

Technically these are coin purses that we are discussing here, but since they are shaped like handbags and destined to be big in 2018, they qualify for a mention. These tiny bags with long chains for handles are the ultimate tiny fashion accessory, and what they lack in the utility department, they make up for in style. Tiny bags by designers like Jason Wu, Coach, and Lanvin were big on the 2017-2018 fall-winter runways, and we are quite sure that these accessories will make for great street fashion in 2018.

3 Lunchbox Style Bags

If you can’t get enough of retro fashion, then we are betting big money on the fact that it would be difficult to ignore the lunchbox style bags that have an apparent 80’s and 90’s vibe. Jeremy Scott had a collection of what looked liked straight up lunchboxes on the runway in fall 2017, Gucci had straw picnic basket like handbags, and Louis Vuitton had a bag that looked like a cross between a lunchbox and a toolbox with a metallic finish. These quirky bag trends are sure to be big in 2018, and it’s sure to be fun till the trend dies out.

2 Long Clutches

If you are looking to make a style statement that is a combination of shock and awe, then extra long clutches are sure to serve you well in 2018. The trick here is to stay away from extra long clutches in colors like tan and brown as you don’t want to mistaken for carrying around a loaf of bread. With that out of the way, we can assure you that these clutches will attract eyeballs at parties and social events and hold a lot of your essentials while they are at it.

1 Straw Handbags

If you happen to be a vegan or find yourself in a moral dilemma when faced with the prospect of leather fashion, there is good news for you. Straw handbags are sure to be big in 2018. While not all of these accessories will be made from actual straw, we are quite sure that the straw weave look and feel cannot be replicated with actual leather. These bags are sure to come in a wide range of styles, and the straw handbags in the pictures below is an excellent example of the trend that is sure to flourish in 2018.