Setting and Accomplishing Your New Year’s Resolutions

With the start of any new year, many people start to think about and set resolutions they hope to achieve in the next calendar year. Typically, this is a time for reflection and an opportunity to look inward to create positive life changes. But after a few months, it’s common to forget about or neglect your New Year’s resolutions and go back to your old ways. In fact, just 8 percent of people actually accomplish their resolutions. So how do you ensure you’re part of that small portion of successful goal-setters? Here are some tips to make lasting changes in your life.

1 Appreciate Your Positives

It’s easy to pinpoint things about ourselves that we want to change for the better. In particular, people naturally — and routinely — like to point out their flaws. But when you live and embrace the power of gratitude, the clearer it becomes that appreciating the positives in life can lead to meaningful change.

In fact, when applied in the workplace, expressing gratitude and thanks tends to make employees more productive and reinforces qualities like self-control and patience. Productivity, self-control, and patience sound like the perfect combination for sticking to your New Year’s resolutions! So, give thanks for what you have and like about yourself before setting your goals and continuing to do so throughout the year.

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2 Be Realistic

As you think about your goals, try to narrow them down to your top three. Of course, limiting the number of resolutions you set will give you greater focus. Even if you only choose one, you’ll be better equipped to dedicate all your efforts to it. Once you’ve developed your resolutions, it’s time to set concrete, realistic goals. Don’t say you need to lose 100 pounds in a year; instead, set a goal that’s attainable and realistic for you. Setting goals that are too out of reach will only let you down. And if you reach your goals before the end of the year, you can always set new ones.

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3 Write Them Down (and Plan)

Did you know you’re 42 percent more likely to accomplish a goal if you write it down? Sounds pretty convincing. As such, grab a notebook or goal-setting journal and get to writing. Once you jot down your goals, determine all the different paths needed to reach them. For starters, try making a bulleted list of the steps you’ll need to take; if you get off track, you can easily reference this list throughout the year to right your efforts. Keep journaling your progress, and you might very well increase your odds of accomplishing your goals.

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4 Reward Yourself for Progress

Even if you ultimately can’t reach your goals, don’t be too hard on yourself; after all, you’re taking steps to better yourself — and that alone is cause for celebration. Instead, consider setting a few key milestones throughout the year and treat yourself when you meet them.

Focused on losing some weight? Then treat yourself to some sexy lingerie as you shed some pounds. Trying to save money? Reward your efforts with a small splurge on something you’ve been coveting. In other words, appreciate the progress you make toward achieving each step along the way to motivate yourself continuously.

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5 Envision Success to Attain Your Goals

New Year’s resolutions are easy to set and tough to accomplish. That’s why setting the right goals — and creating a plan to reach them — makes all the difference. Take your time to appreciate yourself, ensure your resolutions are attainable, and then get to work to make them happen. Indeed, it will all be worth it after envisioning yourself a success at the end of 2021.

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