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Netfirms Hosting Review | Why Netfirms Company Rated Like That!

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Netfirms hosts more than 1.2 million sites across the world. Apart from web hosting, Netfirms also provides domain names, e-commerce, e-mail and many other technology solutions.

In 2009 Netfirms underwent a major company expansion including the launch of a new 40,000 server capacity high density Tier 1 data center. This has solidified the reliability and scalability of their hosting services.

Netfirms has a wide customer base including families, home businesses, established business and large corporations which offers three hosting packages which I’ll explain later in this netfirms review..

Netfirms Review of Features & Plans:

* State of the art Clustered Server Technology & SSH hosting
* Free Domain-Names & Host Unlimited Domains
* High Density Tier 1 Data Center
* Up to $100 Marketing Bonus
* Free One click Apps including WordPress, Drupal & Joomla
* 24/7 Customer Support
* Direct Purchase & Install of SSL Certificates
* Money Back Guarantee

Netfirms is dedicated to those who would want to start family web sites or blogs. Through its Plus Plan, it offers 10GB storage with 500GB bandwidth and 10 email accounts. You will also get one MySQL database to help you make the first step in web hosting. Netfirms Plus Plan package is pocket friendly as it will cost you a mere $4.45 every month. Those who are planning to launch home office sites are not left out either. Netfirms offers 250GB storage complete with a bandwidth of 2000GB, 500 e-mail accounts, 2 free domains, e-commerce solutions and 30 MySQL databases. In addition they also offer 10 FTP accounts and as many websites as the client wants. All these amazing offers are contained in Netfirm’s Advantage Plan, which costs $8.95 per month.

Another scheme that Netfirms offers its customers is the Business Plan. This is designed for the more advanced users. The plan comes with 300 GB storage, a bandwidth of 2000GB, 5 free domains, 1000 email accounts, 60MySQL databases and 50 FTP accounts. That is not all, Netfirm’s Businesses Plan also comes with limitless websites and it will require you to part with only $12.95 every month to enjoy its offers.

netfirms sitebuilder free trial:
All Netfirms plans comes with free sitebuilder and netfirms webmail: Multiple templates to choose from, E-Commerce & PayPal Ready, Unlimited Pages, and much more ….
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Netfirms Review of Reliability:

In this Netfirms Review I’ll show you that most  recommend Netfirms because  they work diligently to provide customer service through affordable prices, quality customer care, as well as secure and reliable hosting solutions.

Netfirms is amazing the world for its reliability. It uses an in-house developed server technology that is multi platform clustered. This enables the organization to innovate new technology that will improve on service delivery to existing and prospective clients. Netfirms also prides itself with having the best team of customer service agents who work around the clock to ensure that you, the client are well catered and satisfied.

Netfirms Review of Support & Guarantee:
The company has an online lesson with step by step video tutorials and over 700 documents compiled by experts in the computing field to help you grasp what web hosting is all about. There is also a 100% money back guarantee that lasts 30 days from the day of purchase. In addition there is a Netfirms reward scheme in which you can make free money. All you need to do is get other people to sign up for Netfirms services through your website – it is the easiest money you are likely to ever make.

Conclusion of This Review:

I did my best to show you every thing honestly in this Netfirms Review, So Whether you are looking for reliable and top quality hosting services for a personal website, a small business or a large  business, I recommend Netfirms.

The company has without a doubt built a good name for itself as one of the best web hosting providers. With its offers of quality free web hosting, it has been able to acquire a more than solid customer base. Check out what Netfirms has to offer and you are not likely to be disappointed with what they in store for you.


  1. Offering support to over 1.2 million websites, Netfirms has definitely done well for itself.
    The values adopted by Netfirm have proven the backbone for their success over the years ensuring they maintain healthy growth levels while pushing quality standards to the limits.

    Netfirms has been there through the years to equip small businesses with the necessary technologies to make the best of opportunities available in the business world that is fast becoming technical with each passing day.
    Customer reactions to Netfirms services have been varied to say the least.

    Of late they have attracted criticism over poor support services, SQL database limits and inaccessible websites. It’s up to the staff at Netfirms to pull up these small glitches before they ruin their reputation.

  2. Whenever you need a trouble free site, Netfirms.com will give you that guarantee. The site provides its clients with solutions to any downtime, for sales and support, a practice that is very rare. The online website hosting company offers free domain names free of any charge, with a powerful grid hosting and free web design software.

    In addition, it comes with very high recommendations from BusinessWeek, the New York Times, PCWorld and the Wall Street Journal.

    Although you will be guaranteed technical support from the websites, the response is at times very slow, which can be very annoying since most business owners, need reliable, hassle-free and affordable hosting.

    Since most of us just do not have the time to become a web expert ourselves, it is a guarantee that Netfirms.com is the real deal.

  3. I am starting to become very unhappy with Netfirms.
    Netfirms hosts my site(s), and I publish using Netobjects. Currently I can’t publish, and Netfirms says it is their issue. Below is the last reply I have received from them. I have not sent 3 other emails to them, with no reply. Called once as well, and they said they are working on it. Incredible.

    From: Netfirms Support Team
    Sent: Thursday, May 14, 2009 11:06:48 PM


    Thank you for your inquiry.

    We have identified an issue between us and Netobjects.

    Our system administrators are working on the issue and we expect to have a resolution for you as soon as possible.

    Thank you for your patience.

    Netfirms Support Team

    Tutorials, demos, and answers to over 90% of your questions may also be found immediately at our Self-Help Support Centre: http://support.netfirms.com

  4. I’ve been with Netfirms since 2006 and I’ve given them a lot of chances, but I had enough and I decided to go with a dedicated server instead. The hosting

    package I am subscribed to is Netfirms ADVANTAGE™ Web Hosting.

    Here is a list of major problems YOU WILL ENCOUNTER:


    * Their support is horrible (assuming it exists). And I don’t mean not calling back only – they don’t fix jack sh**!!! I called and opened a ticket about

    being unable to view my mysql DBs (just disappeared from my DBs management page in the control panel) about a week ago and I didn’t even get an e-mail

    confirming that they opened the ticket! The guy on the phone told me that he simply has no idea when they it will be fixed and that he can e-mail me when

    it’s done.

    * There hasn’t been a month without issues. I have some inside information regarding their practices from a friend worked at a relatively high position at

    Netfirms Canada – in a nutshell: they just don’t give a fu** about their customers anymore and they will even be rude on the phone if you PUSH ON GETTING


    * A year ago you’d get somebody on the phone right away even during regular business hours. Now, you call at 5am and you wait at least 15 minutes – seems

    their volume of calls greatly increased!


    * Another, very annoying thing is that they will randomly take your website down without a prior notice and just show a message on your site that it is

    undergoing maintenance, which puts bad light on your business – especially since you are not doing any maintenance.

    * The networks they use might be semi-decent but on average the sites load supers slow – and that’s simple HTML files only – with Joomla installed it is even



    * They will try to auto-renew your hosting a week or so before it is due, so be careful with leaving your credit card info on file.

    * If the prices of the package you use drop down, you won’t be notified – you will be billed the same amount you paid last year, unless you call them and say

    “Hey, don’t you think it’s a di** move to charge me $150 for something you list now for $125?”


    * They have recently introduced design + SEO services (with typos on the page), which in my opinion proves that they are not making enough money with their

    current services – reason? They suck and more and more people are starting to realize it!!! (I am glad that you’re becoming one of them!)

    * They spent over a million dollars in 2009 on improving their infrastructure and rolling out the VPS offer, but it seems as if things went down a steep

    slope in the past 2 years anyway.

    * Quite often (once every 2-3 weeks) your e-mail will stop working for a day or so. You will get prompted (in Outlook/Outlook Express) for the password over

    and over again and although you insert the correct password it is just not accepting it. Then you have to go to webmail (which is very obsolete-looking) and

    try to respond to e-mails – in my case it is a major headache, since I have to be copying and pasting a lot of addresses and signatures.


    * Another very big issue I have with them is that they allow maximum 8 characters password on anything!!!! That includes all e-mail accounts, main control

    panel account, ftp accounts, etc.

    * My account got hacked once and ALL OF MY DATA WAS REMOVED. I didn’t have a fairly current backup, because I was swamped with work and had created A LOT of

    content in a form of 4 new, fairly large Joomla websites. So, one day I try to view one of my websites and there is a default Netfirms page showing. I call

    them and tell them THAT I GOT HACKED, which I was able to prove and the response I get is: well, sorry to hear that, but we can’t do anything! So I spend

    another week or so going through multiple “escalation” trying to talk to different people, including the manager and all I’m being told is that “we don’t

    have backups of particular accounts – we only do entire server backups, so we can’t help you”. Very frustrated, with 4 months of my 40h/week work being just

    gone I decided NOT TO GIVE UP. Another week passes, more hours spent on the phone/email and they finally put “enough effort” to get a backup copy for me…

    from 7 months before!!!!! They said they couldn’t restore anything more recent, because their most recent backup of my site contained MALWARE!?!?!?!?! WTF,

    right? If there really was any malware in my directories, how come it wasn’t a problem for them before? Isn’t there an antivirus running on the entire

    server? Interestingly, my databases were restored too and they were very recent. Nevertheless, after 2 weeks of literally begging, 10 packs of smokes, a few

    fights with people around me I got a 7 month old backup and a week old mysql backup – and that was their fix for an issue that was caused by poor security in

    their own system.


    * Something that also became annoying at one point is inability to create your own mysql usernames/passwords, so if you import a website/application with DB

    configuration hardcoded, you are screwed.

    * FTP accounts – forget about setting up your own username/password. If you want to setup an account for John Smith, jsmith for example, you can’t. Instead

    you will get something like yourdomain.1 as the user and a random password.

    * Their control panel doesn’t work in Chrome – it will randomly freez, show blank errors, etc.


    * I would NOT RECOMMEND this company to anyone – there is many, many more options out there that are a) better b) cheaper c) more customer-care oriented. I

    am an IT specialist and I’ve analyzed hundreds of internet businesses and Netfirms places on the bottom of the list, so do yourself a favour and stay

    away!!!! Netfirms is just horrible – the worst hosting company I used in my life. Not worth your time, money and nerves…

  5. I’ve been client for many years. In past 2 years service has deteriorated to level that is unacaptable. Slow support response that may take 4-5 days, unreliable hosting platform, expensive as well compared to competitors.

    Only feature that works well and all the time is registering and administrative managing domains. That’s all.

  6. Quite a reliable service. I’m totally satisfied with it. Support is excellent though responses are not always as fast as you expect them to be. A hosting you can rely on.

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