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Net-Trend Web Hosting Customers Review | 5 Factors Made it Leader!

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Editorial Net-Trend Review:

Net-Trend was founded in July 2002.


Net-Trend Review of Features:

Net-Trend clients can select from many shared hosting plans which differ in disk space, bandwidth and number of sites allowed. All web hosting packages have daily backup copies with a single click website back up. Also all the hosting plans don’t have any set up costs. SSH feature can be enabled.

Net Trend additionally has reseller plans, each one will get its special control panel. All resellers get the ability to modify storage space and bandwidth to fit every domain’s use.

Visitors Tracking – For keeping track of website traffic, Net-Trend offers 3 well-known statistics scripts – Webalizer, Awstats and Analog.

Antispam Options – NetTrend servers are prepared to prevent viruses from getting to your mailbox. Server-side spam blocking is additionally offered.

Net-Trend Control Panel – Net-Trend offers the well known cPanel control panel with more than 50 free 1-click installed scripts for bulletin boards, blogs, image galleries, wikis, e-Commerce and a lot more. Additionally, they offer PHP, CGI-bin, a file manager, Perl, FTP access, SSI, cron jobs and around 25 additional applications for new as well as professional Webmasters.

30-Day Refund Policy– Net-Trend allows for a 30-day money back guarantee. Anyone can try their services for 30 days and obtain a full refund if not satisfied.


Net-Trend Reliability:

Net-Trend works by using hosting servers which include data redundancy with error correcting memory modules and RAID configuration which most servers don’t have. Their hosting servers are regularly checked each 5 minutes to make certain all necessary services are up and running. They also use dual Xeon 2.4 Ghz and 1 GB ECC registered RAM.

The Net-Trend data-center includes power back-ups, full fire protection and climate control to protect their hosting servers. The customers files and data are going to be transmitted over a number of redundant DS-3 lines from 20 diverse backbones to ensure speed and redundancy.

Net-Trend guarantees a 99.5% uptime.


Net-Trend Support:

Net-Trend’s offers big knowledge-base, cPanel demos, 24/7 Help-desk , billing and sales contact forms and emails.


Conclusion of These Net-Trend Reviews:

With all these options, inexpensive price points, high reliability, good quality services and 30-day refund policy, there is no reason not to choose Net-Trend Hosting.


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  1. Well, I’ve been using Net Trend for 10 months and I am very happy with their services. The prices are cheap and their customer service is excellent!

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