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My Wedding Is Soon… What Shall I Wear?!

    I think so many girls say these words nowadays especially with the beginning of a new year 2013 ohhh my god what is the latest fashion ?!!!! certainly it is the normal question which occupies every girl’s mind who is preparing for her wedding party especially the girls who care about fashion and would like to look like a princess at the most important day in her life in this essay i will do my best to help you to choose your amazing wedding dress .

   Don’t forget that the dress you wear reflects a great part of your personality , so you should be careful and don’t risk at your choice. We have two colours white and off white that if you don’t want to sparkle at your wedding and choosing the colour will depend on the colour of your skin . The Blondie girl prefers off white dresses as it suits her shiny skin and reflects her beauty , while the dark skinned girls like the white dresses as it whites and lights the colour of her skin, but if you don’t like to be a traditional girl don’t follow the norm try to be a little different and attract the eyes of the people by adding a golden or a silver touch to your dress even to the  scarf or to the tail.

IF you are a girl with a quite nature and wanna look so romantic choose a simple dress which made of  a simple material such as charmeuse it has a sheen but it is not as shiny as satin . chiffon and it can be made either from silk or rayon , rayon looks like silk but it is less expensive or choose a precious dress made of silk which is the most popular and and expensive dress fabric the dress will be more beautiful with a long tail and scarf.

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on the other hand if you wanna look so bold and cheerful wear a bold dress with many curves and you also can mix the red or the blue colour with the white colour it will be so gorgeous . Choose a shiny material for your dress such as satin ,or  organza it is very stiff and has more flow than tulle. decorate your scarf with a shiny accessories and a shiny crown that suit your make up and the accessories of your dress.

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your wedding day is the most important day in your life so get ready for it.



Sarah Aziz

Written By translator Sarah Aziz

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