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Editorial MyHosting Review:

MyHosting was founded in 1997 as a big canadian web hosting company with long recorded history. MyHosting seems to be a Microsoft partner because of offering several Microsoft solutions, which increase confidenence in their hosting services.


MyHosting Review of Features:

MyHosting offers wide variation of web hosting solutions which range from shared hosting, reseller hosting, Email hosting to business solutions and MyHosting VPS.

MyHosting.com shared hosting offer many unlimited features like unlimited space, unlimited bandwidth, unlimited hosted websites, and many other options which is available in both Linux and Windows platforms.

Other features include: daily backup copies, Exchange Email Accounts, password secured directors, free website builder, and Apache/IIS on the Linux/Windows platforms.


MyHosting Control Panel:

1- Myhosting shared hosting control panel enables the user to control every feature in the account, billing, domain registration, customer support, e-mail and much more in one user interface. The My Hosting panel includes 1-click installation software like Joomla, gallery, Drupal, WordPress, PHPBB, ZENCart, and more.
2- MyHosting VPS offer cPanel/WHM, Parallels Plesk options according to the configuration you’ll need.


Marketing Bonuses and Free Offers:
1- Myhosting.com offers SEO services in addition to e-mail lists to advertise your site.
2- The option to search engine submission services.
3- Mobile email & Blackberry Enterprise Service


MyHosting.com money back guarantee :

MyHosting offers a 30-day refund policy. So, if the client tried their hosting not really happy for any reason, he can cancel within thirty days and get a 100 % refund of costs according to their agreement.


MyHosting.com Review of Reliability: (MyHosting Uptime):

MyHosting has latest Dell servers, Network Applicance storage units, and Cisco network in the Equinix datacenter in Toronto. The datacenter offers world-class fiber optic networking to provide superior performance and high reliability. The company also has created fully redundant and secured infrastructure in addition to strategic partnerships.

For these factors and more, Myhosting.com guarantees 100% server and network uptime (while most hosting companies has only a 99% up-time guarantee).


What I didn’t like in myhosting.com?

My Hosting company do not offer dedicated hosting that is required for big businesses as well as very high traffic websites.


MyHosting Reviews of Customer Support:

Myhosting support offer premium services which include:

* 24/7 phone support.
* Live chat
* E-mail support
* Faq’s, Knowledge base, and self help center
* MyHosting support forums & blog with information and latest news
* Taking part in social network including Facebook & Twitter.

It is difficult to think their support is at this high level type (among the best in hosting field) with the inexpensive prices MyHosting.com has. Their support staff is professional, friendly and appeared to come with a full solution for each question we had.


Conclusion of These MyHosting Reviews:

MyHosting is a well-known hosting provider that’s been in the business since 1997, so their reliability and trust history is proven. All their hosting solutions are not just inexpensive but additionally includes 30 days refund policy so there will be no risk give them a try.


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  1. It’s always available, there are no interruptions. I can upload very easily. It still supports FrontPage!

  2. Have had no problem with My Hosting. Easy to post your web-site to, great reports, easy to navigate. Only had to call Customer Support once for database question and had an answer within 5 minutes!!!…yee haw.

  3. Always available to solve and explain problems, to keep things up and running, and help with new services. Excellent customer support – explained services I didn’t know about or clearly have enough knowledge about to choose the best service for my needs!

  4. I am impressed that my service has never been interrupted and my questions have always been answered in a timely manner.

  5. I am very satisfied from the stability of the servers on myhosting.com, as it rarely dropped. Also, customer service is both friendly and helpful. Actually, in the past year, I had “3” domains combined in “1” cPanel, and I asked the Customer Support Team to split them into different “3” CPanels, and Customer Support I contacted was very helpful and knowledgeable. Thanks TechSupp. Team 🙂

  6. myhosting is outstanding in customer support. They have always gotten back to me within just a short time. Plus, I have never experienced any downtime. I highly recommend them.

  7. Customer interface is easy to use for the non-technical customer. No hidden fees. Easy to manage email accounts. The customer support folks have been excellent. I have never waited on hold too long and the people I speak with are friendly and have helped answer my questions quickly.

  8. Several times I needed some help and used the knowledge base, support via mail or live support. They all work great and are satisfactory for getting the problem solved in a very short time. The customer service agents I communicated with were all very friendly and really went for a solution for my problem. I never had the idea that support left me to deal with my problem myself. They handled it like you would expect your problem to be handled.

  9. The few times I’ve needed help, I’ve found that the service is always prompt and helpful. Myhosting.com provides excellent service, so that amateurs like myself can get the help they need when needed.

  10. I have had three different websites hosted by myhosting.com. There have never been any problems. The systems are easy to use. Virtually no site downtime. I highly recommend myhosting.com.

  11. Real people to talk to when you need help. Thats why I switched. I have 5 accounts with myhosting and recommend them to my friends. Customer service is always there, fast, and efficient.

  12. I have hosted the surveygold.com web site on myhosting.com for over a decade. The reliability and performance of the web site has been very good and has served my global customer base very well. I have generally found the Customer Support team to be accessible and very helpful.

  13. I think one of their strong points is their customer service team. I contact support from time to time and am always very satisfied with the service. Especially for the price – their rates are incredibly reasonable. I have contacted support a few times over the years (I host about 10 websites with myhosting) and it has always been a pleasure. I’ve used both email, phone and chat, and all options had excellent reps that answered my questions easily. Sometimes my questions are about billing, sometimes about domain renewal, and recently about hosting.

  14. myhosting.com is a reliable company. We have been with them for years and never had any downtime nor data loss. The support team is efficient and swift. The web interface is elegant yet easy to use. New services are always added without any surcharge. Overall, working with myhosting.com all these years has been a pleasant experience. The Customer Support agents were always helpful and knowledgable. There hasn’t been any issue that they couldn’t resolve and they always did it in a timely manner.

  15. i think it is the best service providing company in its field. we have not faced any problems regarding updates, timing, feedbacks. on site web email system is perfect. we can reach to our emails from anywhere.

  16. Being with My hosting over 15 years the support has always been excellent the system is intuitive and easy to use. The few times i have needed a customer service representative they have been professional and knowledgable.

  17. My early problems were resolved quickly, intelligently and courteously. Since the service has been nearly flawless which is exactly what I wanted in a Microsoft Exchange service. It has been even more reliable than my experience at Microsoft! More importantly their customer service grasped the problems quickly without me having to go over and over what the nature of the problems were. I do a lot of troubleshooting myself so this is important. Tech support calls with other companies are invariably unending discussions where they completely ignore the information I give them, and instruct me to run ridiculous tests that are apparently in a script their reading.

  18. I’ve used Myhosting (Softcom) for my business web site since 1999. Myhosting has always been helpful and prompt with supporting my needs. The customer service agents have always been courteous and helpful even with difficult request as it related to my services queries.

  19. MyHosting does everything they claim and more with service/support of excellence. Customer service is very friendly, knowledgeable, and efficient at addressing all concerns in a super prompt manner with a huge emphasis on customer satisfaction.

  20. myhosting is very affordable and user friendly. I have not had customer support needed since I first started using myhosting about 8 years ago!

  21. I love how quickly I could get my site up and running. Also, the advance notice of upcoming charges. The agents were very helpful with helping me get my site on the web

  22. Web sites hosting and email Hosting are easy to manage and myhosting.com offers the best solution! Everytime I had a problem, I just email my question to support and I got a good answer within a few hours.

  23. I have no complaints. I changed plans and they kindly moved all my files for me. That was great! I was overcharged once and it was easily corrected with one call.

  24. My experience with Customer Support has been excellent. I have received very timely responses to all of my technical questions. Now that I have made the move to oncloud I am very satisfied, and my hope is to continue to use them as my hosting provider for many more years.

  25. Overall very good service, Support always follows through. Lots of good services and has been around for a long time. I have been a customer over 10 years… Very friendly customer support agents – and could always answer my questions.

  26. Best – easy setup with good customization options. I keep coming back for additional domains because of a consistently good experience. Great support and very good knowledge base makes it an outstandig service.

  27. I’m very happy with myhosting. I’ve been using them since they were softcom.ca. I have referred several friends to myhosting for their websites. They are fast in getting things set up, and customer service has always been top notch. I do prefer the classic hosting over the cloud based hosting for ease of use, but like the cloud based hosting for all the management capabilities. I’m currently using classic.

  28. Been a MyHosting customer for a very long time. Always recommend the service to others. Pleased at the increases in service offerings and keeping up with the times.

  29. The file manager is the best feature and makes it easy to upload, delete, modify, and add files. It’s simplicity is what is best about it.

  30. I only use web hosting (multiple sites). Based on this experience, MyHosting makes me feel like I am a valued customer. Customer service is always friendly and helpful. And problems, although few, are always resolved.

  31. In the few times I’ve required help My hosting was always very quick and reliable. Everyone was very courteous and knowledgeable. The help was clear and precise

  32. I have some knowledge, but there’s quite a bit I’ve forgotten since I haven’t used it for 4+ years. They’ve ALWAYS been very helpful and polite in assisting me in things that I’ve either not realized, or messed up and couldn’t fix. They even helped me with my shopping cart when the response from that particular software provider was frustrating and slow.

    They always, always, always helped me, or at the very least, found someone who was able to assist me with ANY problem I had.

  33. High reliability at a very reasonable price. In the end, reliability is everything. Only one customer service encounter within memory. It was handled expeditiously and wholly satisfactorily.

  34. myhosting.com provides a stable reliable service. That’s what I need most. I appreciate having access both to Windows and Linux services. I know there are many bells and whistles, but the stable platform is a necessity. On the very few occasions I’ve needed assistance, everyone at myhosting.com was more than helpful and quick to respond.

  35. I liked that when I registered a new Domain, myhosting phoned straight away in person and offered help. I am using the Web hosting service , although I am not so knowledgable as many other I still manage what I need thanks to the easy and user-friendly applications. Customer Support is always very friendly and helpful, but I also had some problems in the past, which took several reminders until it was solved.

  36. Quick support, but sometimes I need to ask several questions before getting the problem solved.

  37. My site in generally up. I am able to publish content when I want. I have only called on customer service a couple of times at the start and they were very helpful.

  38. Overall we are satisfied with myhosting.com services and we feel myhosting.com do best in web hosting, domain registration hosting and email hosting. Myhosting.com is very user friendly and you don’t have to be expert in IT to know how to benefit from the features as everything is explained well and if there is any doubt about any feature or service by contacting the support team we will always get the answer.

    We had contacted Customer Support more than once and we can say that the response time in general was good keeping in mind different timing between myhosting.com and our country when we are contacting by mail. Sometimes when we call we have to wait for long time until we get a respond. The staffs which we dealt with were user friendly, some of them were with good experience and the other was excellent. Usually we are asking about upgrading, changing domain, possibility of doing some new features in our web services.

  39. I’ve been with the service since 2003. I appreciate the prompt replys to inquires about qlitches or concerns about my account. Customer service individuals that I have dealt with are always well-informed, thoughtful and patient. Price breaks and discounts are helpful, extra bandwidth is accommodating, anticipating the customers needs, etc. I am still pleased with the service as I have secured 2 additional domains.

  40. I don’t recall any particular service interruptions over the years. I like the use of the linux-based domain as a bonus. It’s convenient and gives me peace of mind. I have rarely had to contact customer support, but when I have the responses have been quick and thorough.

  41. I think they do everything very well, I’ve been a customer for many years now and the overall service is great. The agents are always friendly, very knowledgable and always have answered my questions very promptly. Along with solving any issues I may have had.

  42. Its user friendly, simple and to the point. I have only had one dealing with customer service and it was through email support. the issue was resolved effortlessly.

  43. I can count on service and performance. This is what I have been receiving for years now. Since 2002. All agents and customer support have been knowledgable or helpful.

  44. Service was passed on to me by previous webmaster. Hosting is good, have had no problems. Would prefer not to have the surcharge. Have not had to contact customer service.

  45. I have had really no problems with having my site up and running. I appreciate that myhosting is very reliable, to my knowledge, my site is always available.

  46. Since I’m not an HTLM/coding guru, the integration with Microsoft Frontpage was essential…This has worked very well. Pretty self-running. Every time I’ve had a problem, it has been resolved in 24-48 hours. Very knowledgeable folks. Thanks!

  47. I’ve never had any problems. The services are transparent to me. They just work. I appreciate that. Whenever I’ve had a problem or question, Customer Support has been friendly and helpful. I’ve never had an issue that wasn’t resolved to my satisfaction.

  48. Provides the services and features that allow the customer modify and acquire what is necessary. Phone support has been the most reliable. Email support has been about 60% effective. Too frequently there are email responses that seem to be just getting me off their list until their shift is over. Overall I love myhosting.com and I am so grateful for email and phone support when it is diligent and in good faith.

  49. When I have dealt with customer service they have been fast and well versed in the technology. I have lately been very happy with the basic linux hosting and the ease of setting up a Joomla website.

  50. Customer Service’s help in setup was excellent and I never needed help after that. No worries, plain and simple.

  51. Customer service has always been helpful and friendly. Very satisfied with service for over ten years.

  52. we like it, that’s all there is, otherwise we would have changed. We have benn with myhosting for several years.

  53. I use to host my WordPress site. Liked the easy install. Very good phone support. I also use my hosting for sites I have built for customers.

  54. Easy to use for the most part though sometimes I get lost in the control panel when I login. A lot of options to peruse when you are in the control panel. Very good customer service. I’ve only had a couple of times where I’ve had trouble and the attendant wasn’t understanding my specific request, a lot of problems it seems with having to spell and re-spell the domain I’m asking about, I have several dozen domains and hosting accounts I manage there.

  55. It’s been great. Can’t remember not being able to get to my site or an inability to make changes by different staff. Excellent service!

  56. Uptime is excellent. As good if not better than any others I have experienced. Customer service is always helpful and cheery. Advice provided was to the point and effective.

  57. Been a customer for years and works flawlessly. Only needed customer support a few times, sometimes takes a little longer via email but the chat is great!

  58. I am pleased with the amount of space provided, as well as the overall reliability of access. Responses have been quick in the few instances I have run into any trouble. Agents were able to answer and resolve problems.

  59. Good basic webhosting with support for Microsoft FrontPage. Limited need for customer support though last time it was a bit of a challenge to actually get to someone.

  60. Reliability is essential to our business and my hosting seems to work. We do have a gift card service on our site which is a MySQL database. It seems to become very slow after a month or so. We call and the tech says no issue but then the service seems to improve???

  61. Good information, good products, good service. Help readily available if required. Account queries sorted with minimum fuss!

  62. I think myhosting is great. Have several sites and recommend to others. Plus they have both linux and windows for same price. Customer support is always friendly and helpful.

  63. Provides a good set of web hosting options at a good price. I have not experienced any problems with reliability. Have not required customer support since first obtaining service.

  64. Ease of use. Ability to access email through website and make necessary changes easily. Most of the time customer service is good.

  65. i love the service.dont have too many words to say but its price is the best,service is cool..never spoke to customer service because i never felt that i have any sort of problem so i dont know about that.but i have 4 website with my hosting and never had problem and i will keep using it in future…just love it

  66. i enjoy the services like spam filtering and custom rules that myhosting.com provides. also i appreciate the email notification for billing in advance as i dont get “surprised” by it. the only significant contact with customer support was for a billing question long time ago. the rep answered my question with satisfaction.

  67. Very reliable and I always recommend it to my friends. I’ve experienced very timely customer support.

  68. The cost of the service compaired to other sites is extreemly competitive. I have never had a reason to contact support, the site has no ‘gotchas’, it is well designed.

  69. Ease of use with classic service. I still prefer to use MS Frontpage to publish my sites. Setting up a new domain, customer service helped me get CLASSIC working. They were very helpful.

  70. I’ve been with myhosting for over 10 years. Never had any problems and always received great customer service. I can’t think of any prolonged downtime with myhosting. Great customer service. Always knowledgeable, friendly and helpful. They helped me choose the products that I needed 10 years ago to get a website up and going.

  71. There hasn’t been any need to deal with Customer Service. I have confidence that I will enjoy continued service without interruption with myhosting.com.

  72. Excellent domain registration and hosting program , the console is easy to use , the email is easy to set up , very user friendly system , setting up a web site is very easy .and I love it , except the site builder , needs more flexibility to make a webpage some of the templates are not that brigth and needs more ligth and vibrant templates combinations. I’ll give the customer service an excellent for the service is fast accurate, very profeccional and friendly.

  73. It’s reliable, and when I do need to access the control panel (infrequently), it’s intuitive. With the joomla install I set up, I couldn’t figure out how to initiate it on my own, support staff were very helpful and we had it running quickly.

  74. We got all neccessary information from reading the descriptions online when ordering. Would be nice, though, to be able to switch to other plan (onCloud), or at least be notified that an even better service exists. All customer support questions were answered quickly and correctly. Excellent!

  75. I’m perfectly happy with the service from myhosting. I maintain my own site and update it perhaps once a month. I’ve never had a tech issue so far.

  76. Excellent uptime. Simple GUI. I am extremely pleased with the phone technical support I have received. Also they were very friendly and polite.

  77. Great product, great price and PHONE support! Helpful, friendly & knowledgeable support, thanks for being there for me my hosting.

  78. The customer service is good and the prices are reasonable. The website can sometimes be a bit confusing but with a little practice you get the hang of it. It could be made more user friendly. Customer support helped me set up domain forwarding and also answer all my questions since this was the first time ever buying a domain name.

  79. I like that the service alerts me when my time is up and needs to be renewed. Customer Service has been helpful – especially since I know next to nothing about any of this. they are patient.

  80. The best web hosting service, nice tools, linux support with many content managements packs supported and a very high reability easy setup. No problems with the FTP service to upload the content at all. Domain registration easy. Excellent reports for web access logging info. A very good payment history info and customer payment track via email.

  81. Myhosting.com is a complete one-stop service for hosting my business. Fees are reasonable and competitive. I was referred to myhosting.com a few years ago and have never regretted my decision to join. I appreciate the prompt responses from customer support whenever I have had inquiries. The agents were always patient and knowledgable.

  82. MyHosting makes the process of getting up and running with the latest technology fast and easy. I have recommended MyHosting to multiple associates becasuse of the customer support prior to and after signing up.

  83. Service is great, and always been. I had the service for almost 14 years already and never had any issues. My hosting do deliver what they say. The interface to control my website it is so easy to use. The only one time I had to use customer support, the agent that I talked to was very knowledgeable and was able to find out was was the problem which was not Myhosting fault. the problem was solved in time and fast.

  84. I haven’t had much cause to contact myhosting.com over much but when I have, my issue has always been dealt with extremely efficiently and to my satisfaction. Agents were always very courteous, polite and helpful.

  85. Simple and straightforward. If we have any questions, they are immediately covered. All agents have been exceedingly friendly, polite, and patient. Very knowledgable and competent.

  86. Couple of things. Service is very steady, reliable and “always up”. Maybe not the fastest in the world, but with the low price, bang on when it comes to value for money. I guess that for me the most important thing is that after 15 years of hosting with many, many providers, myhosting is really, really stable. And that is very refreshing!! Customer service has always been very friendly and easy to access, no long wait times, multiple ways to get to them and when there was a technical problem, they got the job done.

  87. I have been a customer with MyHosting.com for few years. I have always been impressed with the ease of adding or removing services and the quality of service that they provide. This past year, my son purchased his first website. I had the opportunity to work with his “onCloud” account. I did find that this site was more difficult to maneuver through. I had such a difficult time that I finally gave up and had to can customer service. The bright side, the rep was very patient and helpful. MyHosting.com has always done a good job with customer support. I never feel like the reps are trying to hurry me up to get me off the phone. They stay with me until my problem has been solved. (This has always meant alot to me. I don’t want to spend hours or days trying to solve a problem.)

  88. myhosting.com has always been responsive to requests and one of the best customer service groups I’ve worked with. Customer Support has always been friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful; not to mention eager to please, promptly responsive, fair, and caring.

  89. I have called support several times for assistance and they have been prompt in replying. I can’t say that for the competition! I’ve moved ALL my website (8 in total) over to my hosting over the last year.

  90. I provide web services for myself and a number of friends. The mix of myhosting services has always given me the options necessary to do whatever the projects have required. Myhosting keeps the services up-to-date trouble free. I’ve had domain transfer questions, shopping cart questions, timing questions and invoicing option questions… the support help and follow-up has always been prompt, accurate and friendly. I’ve asked for support help numerous times and the response and follow-up has always been excellent. The support staff understands that many of us have limited technical knowledge.

  91. In every respect my satisfaction with My Hosting and their staff is excellent. They are a great bunch of people, always helpful, always positive and despite earthquakes and missile attacks their response times to requests for assistance are second to none. Support agents have ALWAYS been friendly, positive, knowlegable AND helpful. Nothing is a problem. If you don’t know where or how to find some detail they will not even sigh in disappointment but rather just talk you though how to find it, why they need it and what it means. I have won money in bets on how quickly the support people would respond to my request for assistance!!

  92. When there is a problem (at my end) customer service was easy to contact and very knowledgeable. Problem solved, happy customer. My credit card company went out of business and I never thought about the regular monthly expenses. Support agents walked me through correcting the problem. It is easy to contact a real person and get the info needed.

  93. I have never had problems with my account. This is the type of service that the less contact or need for contact, the better. MyHosting meets that expectation. Because of my satisfaction with this service and support, I will be switching my name registration over very soon. When MyHosting switched to Cloud Hosting and when I added a new domain name, my experience with support was above and beyond what I expected.

  94. It allows me to do what I do to make a living without having to micro manage services. Customer Support at MyHosting has always been one of the linch pins in there operations that make me feel I made the right choice in going with MyHosting.com

  95. Excellent service and great rates, prompt and efficient tech support too. I have been provided everything I have needed and have had my expectations exceeded when I was in need of assistance. Customer support went out of their way to help me with setup and configuration, as well as resolve issues I had with my local ISP.

  96. The service is very reliable and affordable, which is absolutely essential for a small business in these tough times. We are a tiny company and don’t have a big budget for internet, but it is vital to our company to maintain a positive web prescence, which we are able to do through My Hosting. We had some trouble porting over our domain name, the customer service people really went above and beyond to help us get our problems worked out.

  97. myhosting.com is an extremely reliable service. I have been with them for many years and have no intention of ever switching to another company. In the many years I have been with myhosting.com, I’ve only required help from customer support a few times. myhosting.com’s customer support is excellent…they are patient, courtious, knowledgeable, and solve an issue in record time. Thank you myhosting.com!

  98. Their service has been incredibly stable and efficient for the entire time that I have used them for hosting. There is always plenty of information available for each of their services and I have never been disappointed by any aspect of the service that I have recieved. The few times I have had to ask questions, they have been answered quickly, professionally, and efficiently. I give them my highest recommendations for service.

  99. I am very satisfied and pleased with my many years of myhosting web hosting experience. Not only have I hosted my own site, but have both recommended and set up sites for friends and family on myhosting. It has always been trouble free and mostly self-explanatory through the excellent web tools provided. The price is right for the excellent features offered. myhosting reps have always been helpful. Customer service has always been a pleasant experience, although rarely needed, since everything always works.

  100. I maintain two web sites with myhosting.com and am very pleased with the information available in the online control panel. The site settings and web site tools are a breeze to navigate and use. Live chat has been helpful with any unusual questions I have had.

  101. The up-time of the site is fantastic. Account maintenance and information update emails are simple and easy to understand. Plenty of notice is given when credit cards on file are about to expire. Overall, very dependable and would definitely recommend to anybody looking for a hosting. Very good support but took a little bit to hear back from them.

  102. Very satisfied with the service, as it has been very useful to our law firm. Everything was done online and very smooth to set up.

  103. I have been with myhosting – since January 2003. As a newbie at web site building – they answered any questions I had. Over the years, I have added more of my clients’ websites. Any questions are answered quickly and very professionally – followed up my emails.

  104. Myhosting is a fabulous provider of hosting. Never an issue that could not be resolved quickly. The support agents were more then helpful and gave fast service.

  105. I simply have no complaints. Everything works the way it should. Customer support answered questions pretty quick and to my satisfaction.

  106. They make it very easy to make changes and updates to accounts, to park domains, and their customer service is great. I love the online chat tech support, and the quick feedback. I am very happy and do all my hosting through myhosting. However, I have been a customer for years, and I am annoyed by the cloud option I am always presented with, and I dont understand it either.

  107. Reliabilty, Have used them for years with only one crash incident which was quickly restored! Excellent support!

  108. The myhosting interface is simple and easy to use. I’ve had no issues adding pages or otherwise managing my domain. I’ve been fortunate to not need to access customer support.

  109. The call center folks seem to take ownership of calls that makes support inquiries less onerous and more efficient. I have even had the same person call back when an issue was resolved, which was a nice treat. I haven’t the foggiest recollection what the problems were when I’ve called. That speaks well of the agents, because if things had not gone well you jolly well know I would have remembered!

  110. It’s kind of hard to do a whole lot of elaboration, only because the service has been relatively transparent (which is a good thing). The simple answer is that it always works, and I’ve never had any trouble whatsoever with any aspect of my website. Maintaining it is easy, and I’ve never had any sort of misunderstanding or problem regarding billing or support. Sometimes simple is good. I’ve only had to seek support a couple of times, when I was just getting started, and it was so long ago that I can’t even remember the details. I do know that the help I’ve received has always been prompt, knowledgeable and friendly.

  111. The best thing that myhosting.com does for me is provide Basic Linux Hosting at a very reasonable price. I do not need anything else at this time. I do not even recall having dealt with Customer Support.

  112. Service has been reliable. I have had customer support with maintenance and pricing and am happy it. I changed my subscription to a better fit for my needs with little trouble.

  113. The agents certainly know there stuff. you can tell they have a passion for there Job. always helpful and quick response times.

  114. It just works. no questions. When I have had an issue, they have been very responsive (fast) and the issue has been resolved quickly and to my satisfaction.

  115. Myhosting.com service has been very good. We have hosted with you since last 5years and at no time we have our website shutdown or visitors complained to us having difficulty in accessing it. My company website was formally contracted to a vendor who manages the hosting. No sooner I joned the company, I opted to host it directly without intermediary. The vendor had told me that the domain cannot be available for my company except we continue the hosting with him. Succour came when I log on for online customer support from my cpanel. The agents were able to guide me to require the vendor to use his admin e-mail to request for separation of account and I can host directly. Meanwhile, hosting period expired in the process and my website was never shutdown with over month. I appreciate for the knowledge and understanding.

  116. The Agents are friendly and knowledgable. Whenerver i have an issue, I phone myhosting and I always have been able to resolve my problem. Customer service is what keeps me with myhosting

  117. Myhosting.com offers more space and bandwidth at a lower price than most offerings I considered. Support issues have always been attended to quickly and efficiently. The packages are conveniently structured and offer excellent variety. We have been hosting with myhosting.com for many years and plan to continue. We have no hesitation in recommending myhosting.com and mail2web.com to friends and associates.

  118. The web portal used to maintain my accounts and features is extremely useful and functional and provides all I need to manage my myhosting accounts. The few times I have had to interact with customer support have been outstanding experiences. Efficient and knowledgable.

  119. Myhosting has provided a very stable website hosting with e-mail service with no downtime during the 5+ years I have been with them. I haven’t had to use Customer Support much over the years. When I had questions, particularly at startup, help was given and questions were answered promptly.

  120. I am so satisfied with MyHosting, I have always been helped quickly and smoothly. I have never had a bad support experience with MyHosting. and after more than 5 years and multiple domain hostings, I regularly tell friends to use MyHosting.

  121. Interface is very user friendly. Always been able to manage my services such as setting up new email accounts easily. Simple to retrieve billing information past and future. Able to update credit card details. Ability to sign on through webmail to retieve messages when away from the office. Whenever I had questions my emails were answered promptly. Overall very satisfied.

  122. Myhosting offers many different hosting plans for many different needs and prices. They have been helpful in answering questions and the servers have been up. No compliants. I had trouble logging in over a weekend, customer service folks quickly responded and helped me get done what I needed to do.

  123. I really like the Outlook Web Access and Postini filtering. MyHosting website is great for troubleshooting issues. Agents very friendly, easy to understand, short wait times.

  124. Features, price, good value, fast response when needed occasional support, ability to self-administer nearly everything. Only used Customer support once or twice over the years. Issues/questions were resolved quickly.

  125. You do your job with little fanfare and I don’t have to do anything extra to know my website is up and running. Every one I have delt with has been helpful and friendly and I know nothing about this computer stuff but their people always deal very patiently with me

  126. I have been a customer for over 10 years. They provide a quality product, great support at a very good price. I couldn’t ask for more. I have always had a good expreience with Customer Support. Mvoing to OnCloud has been a challenge for me, but Customer Support has been super helpful. They made my transition very easy.

  127. Very happy with the service. Easy to set up and maintain. The customer support agents have always been helpful, friendly and knowledgable.

  128. Support is outstanding and quick. Second level is great, knowledgeable and usually where any issues are resolved.

  129. Customer support is second to none. Used my account to build a WordPress site. Needed help. Came through just as usual. Have recommended myhosting.com to friends.

  130. Hardly any down time with out site, renewal reminders via email and automatic renewal of domain name so there isn’t a need to fret about your site going down due to non renewal! I’ve only had to call customer support once and the representative was very knowledgable and resolved my issue with just one phone call!

  131. Myhosting doesn’t bug me and the services work great without interruption. This is exactly the service I am looking for as I’ve had issues with other hosting companies. Everytime I’ve called myhosting.com I’ve received great service, friendly, knowlegable, helpful. I needed to help get my services setup and FTP for wordpress.

  132. I have used MyHosting.Com for almost ten years, in all that time I have never experienced an outage or availability-impacting event. Additionally, I can only think of a few times where I needed to contact MyHosting.Com for technical support, all of which was to correct a problem I had created. Each time my problem was resolved in 24 hours or less. To say I am “extremely pleased” with MyHosting.Com is a huge understatement.

  133. Myhosting has a wide array of hosting types, downloads, and plans. I have always receive prompt, professional, and courteous support, both by phone and via web chat. Customer service is obviously handled by knowledgable staff. One call or web chat can produce billing, technical, or new hosting solutions. This is a service not seen much anymore. I got a free linux hosting with my Windows account and a free instance of SQL Server.

  134. I have hosted my site with them for the last 6 years and have never had a problem, pretty simple. I have only had to call customer support a few times, but everything was resolved quickly

  135. myhosting is reliable, consistent and responsive. simple expectations that are met on a yearly basis. Customer support response time is very timely. Only once in the 10 or so years that I’ve worked with them have I been disappointed. I greatly appreciated the assistance moving to live support vs. simply e-mail.

  136. Very satisfied. Keeps us updated by frequent mailings. Recently, there was some downtime of our site but as soon as they were contacted that our site was not running they responded very quickly and had us up and running quickly. It happened again a week or so later and they kept in contact with me until they figured out what was happening and why.

  137. The email management is excellent and easy to set up and modify. The options of using either the online file manager or the ftp connection makes it quite convenient. I have not had any issues that required me to contact Customer Support.

  138. I have used the Email Service since March 2004 (7 years). It has been a flawless experience. The advice I needed to set up the service was excellent. To be honest, I have never needed support since then because, IT JUST WORKS !

  139. Great product, although my experience with customer support has not been fruitful and is becoming frustrating. I have been shifted around to several customer support representatives trying to add a sub-domain that can be linked to my SmugMug account and am being taken in circles with know one able to fulfill my simple and straight forward request. They seem to be doing what they think I need instead of what I directly ask and since I cannot successfully edit my own C Name I am reliant upon them.

  140. Myhosting provides a good service at a reasonable price. I enjoy having my domain being yaken care of by myhosting and the ease of accessing my email from any web enabled device. I never have any problems, so need to contact customer support.

  141. I don’t use a lot of services, but the main thing for me is that I have never had problems that demanded extra time & attention or technical expertise that I don’t have. Everything was very easy.

  142. E-mail service is outstanding, no complaints whatsoever. Very happy with myhosting.com. Customer Support has always been very friendly, knowledgable and helpful whenever needed.

  143. Support service improved from a few years ago. Agents were knowledgeable and understandable – a BIG plus in the support world. It provides several options for support – it is responsive and competitive with best in class.

  144. I am an amateur site manager, and myhosting made my experience safe and easy…I have only used Customer Support once, and my problem was solved quickly and efficiently…

  145. I have never had any issues with myhosting.com any time I need to change something, or adjust something, everything works as it should. Haven’t had contact with anyone from Customer Support for quite some time.

  146. I thank all the team behind My Hosting for the work they have developed as a web page are a firm foundation and has the need for constant updates, let me congratulate you for such a commendable job. Everywhere I see changes, changes in web pages, advances in technology and you have become a need for a backup job in the technological area of my work. Have prevented this to pending or review pages and updates that make me feel confident the work they do every day. Thank you very much for allowing me to devote to my work. With agents, thank you for your kindness and patience by the different questions that arise. I imagine the vast amount of work and applications is growing day by day and You are the ones who are the face of My Hosting to ask. Thanks for making that technology into something simple to implement.

  147. Allows my company to try a full service web solution without investing a lot of time or money. Customer support was vary helpful, mainly with questions around Sharepoint user registration

  148. I work with them for several years for my company web site and my costumer’s web site. I thank all of the people who works there. Everything is perfect for us. I have a experience for one of my costumer’s web page. When I connected online support, many people which is work in support center, answered my problem and solved online. they are amazing. I trust them. Thank you.

  149. I appreciate that they are not the very first to rollout new software (new versions), but take the time to test and integrate it in order to deliver an optimal service on a very stable platform. The email support has always been quick & efficient and the staff knowledgeable and friendly.

  150. The Linux hosting is awesome. I find the File Manager service most useful. File upload service is also very good. I am totally satisfacted from the service. During two years, I have only needed once to contact with an agent on the phone. He was knowledgable, he tried to help and in an hour, he posted a solid response by e-mail.

  151. myhosting.com, each time with more than met my expectations. Very rarely has the need for support and cevaplamışlardır my questions as soon as possible. Answers usually come in 2-3 hours. These answers were always satisfactory and always solved all the problems. I would like to serve them devm this şekeilde. Until now, hosting service providers have reviewed the best quality of service within the company. Both the technical need to always answer my questions in the verbal alabilmişimdir. Every time I witness that closely follow the technology. Software that uses the latest version of software generally. Customer support helpful everytime.

  152. myhosting.com simply does the job very well done. I have never seen any slowness or downtime with my service. Customer support is Very friendly and helpful. They helped me setup my email.

  153. uptime has been great and they keep up with new technology. customer support has been very helpful

  154. The only few issues I have encountered were when ASP scripts that I wrote did not work. Tech support was very good at suggesting a fix.

  155. It just works! I’ve had to make a small number of calls to tech support over the years for help with configuration issues. I always got a quick reply. Tech staff was courteous and professional.

  156. The servers at myHosting are very reliable and their customer support is always very good at answering me quickly after sending them any support questions.

  157. their service has been quite reliable. So reliable that I have not had any experience with Customer Service representatives.

  158. We only use hosted email but havve always been very pleased. Every other time they have always been courteous and helpful with no or minimal wait time. We’ve always been very pleased. Unfortunately the call on Mar. 18th was not so. The fellow was abrupt and borderline rude. In the end after the request was handled, I was expecting him to say something like “is there anything more I can help you with_” or something to that effect however he just hung up. He didn’t even say goodbye. I was quite shocked to be honest.

  159. I think the service is very good for my needs. The customer support agents I’ve dealt with were friendly, knowledgeable, and helpful.

  160. Their services are very good, i have two sites eith them. customer support is also very good.

  161. Appreciate price and online mgmt options. I’ve always had quick help from customer support.

  162. Customer Service is very helpful, efficiently and effectiviely. Upload and downloading times are efficient.

  163. Very satisfied with the service. never had to use customer support.

  164. their web based email has a very very bad UI, not easy to use. i called in to get help with my email hosting options and how to set it up and the rep was super knowledgeable and i even learned a few technical things from him – and i’m a VERY technical person!

  165. Process of obtaining a site is simple. CS is available, and understanding of my issues. Also, the turnaround time has been great

  166. The best part about their service, price, reliability and uptime. Oh, and their customer service, always fast and helpful.

  167. They offer a stable environment and the customer support provides prompt accurate answers

  168. I’m very happy with the service, only one issue in over a year. pretty good imho.

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