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My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

First of all, we have to know what the CDN is. It is a number of servers included in a network around the world which makes your site to load faster as when visitors loads your website, the CDN delivers files from the closest server to your website and the speed of the website increases by serving from a closer location. It means that your website could have users from all over the world, lets say that your hosting is in one place is located in England and there is a visitor to your website from Turkey, the information will travel so far and will make the website too slow to the user; but if you have a CDN, say one in Turkey, so your website will be very fast for this user.

maxcdn My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

Visitors or users do not like slow loading websites which takes too long to load like over 3 or 4 seconds and they will often click the “back” button in this case. I run a WordPress blogs, day by day have more page views or more subscribes or more visitors and this makes me want to increase the speed of my website using a CDN; fortunately, I found MaxCDN which has several WordPress plugins and helps to make it easier and faster, it makes my website crazy fast. The faster your website is, the happier your visitors will be and when your visitors become happy means purchase more, surf more and search engine ranks your site higher and higher. I decided on MaxCDN due to its perfect options such as it is affordable according to its low price 39.95 $ per Terabyte and it is well-integrated with W3TC and WordPress. All I needed to do was to sign up for an account an enter some details and information, then I feel shocked when I found their cheap price and that they also offer 20% off. Then I download and install the WordPress plugins to my website, enter some setting which I get from my MaxCDN account and it instantly starts working.

maxcdn-home-600x434 My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

maxcdn-content-delivery-network My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

Overall I am very happy that I come across this service, I need to make sure that my website is fast and I am sure that the number of my website visitors will increase. In my opinion, MaxCDN is the perfect choice to work on your load time and it is the easiest way according to its fair price. If you have any question, you can post them into comments and I will do my best to give you the answers. If you are interested in this service, sign up on MaxCdn really is second to none, I wish you enjoyed this review.

new-year-giveaway-2013-02 My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

i-heart-maxcdn My Experience With MaxCDN As A CDN Provider

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