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10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present

Everyone feels demotivated at some point in their lives, and it can be down to a range of circumstances. If you notice a close friend is feeling like this, you might need to search for some motivational gifts to make them feel a little better and help get them back to their old selves. However, what do you choose in situations like this? That’s where we come in – this guide, packed with ten of the best gifts to inspire, is sure to help out. You’ll find a great selection of lovely items sure to give your friend a boost in their mood.

10 Best Friendship Motivational Gift Ideas

1 63 Motivational Cards

Perhaps you are in search of a lovely card to go with a gift – finding one with the right message isn’t always easy. This set contains over 60 inspirational cards, and each has a different design, so you are sure to find something to suit. The cards are the size of business cards, so they are perfect for popping in beside a special gift. They’re glossy on the front and matte (and plain) on the back so that you can write your own message for the lucky recipient.

63 Motivational Cards 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 2

2 Pack of 50 Kindness Cards

Our next pick is another pack of small gift cards designed for spreading kindness and motivation. There are 50 business card-sized greetings cards in this set, and they are bright and colorful – sure to put a smile on that special friend’s face. The cards have a range of messages such as ‘You are totally killing it!’ and ‘live your dream,’ so there’s sure to be something just right.

50 Kindness Cards 2 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 3

3 Motivational Stress Balls

If your friend has been feeling a little stressed lately, these fun stress balls are surely one of the best motivational gifts you can give them. They come as a pack of five and have different inspiring messages on each. Each ball is also a different color. The balls are perfect for squeezing when things get tough!

Motivational Stress Balls 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 4

4 Motivational Pencils

If you’re looking for something special for girls who have been feeling a bit under the weather due to school work, these cool pencils are sure to give them a mood-boost! Not only are they ideal for boosting morale, but they are also practical for use in class! The pencils come topped with an eraser and are sold as a pack of 144 – ideal for sharing with the class.

Motivational Pencils 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 5

5 Lunchbox Mini Notes

If you’re looking for a small token to show someone you are thinking about them, these little cards are perfect. They are ideal for popping into a lunchbox, or for giving with another special gift. There are 100 cards each measuring 2”x3”. Each card is blank for your own message on the back, and some also have space to add a message in the middle on the front.

Lunchbox Mini Notes 2 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 6

6 Inkstone Inspirational Quotes Bracelets

If you’re looking for practical inspiration gifts, this pack of 12 bracelets bearing motivational quotes is ideal. There are six different designs, so two of each is provided. They are all different colors, and the message on each is different too. The bracelets have messages about courage, faith, strength, and more, so however your friend is feeling, they are sure to find something they can relate to.

Inkstone Inspirational Quotes Bracelets 2 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 7

7 Creanoso Quotes Bookmarks

The next of our motivation gifts is one that will appeal to readers – a pack of 60 bookmarks with inspiring quotes. There are six different designs, so they’re ideal for making bundles to give to different friends. A few different packs are available, including a happiness themed pack and one with cheerful quotes. The bookmarks are made from good-quality, water-resistant cardstock.

Creanoso Quotes Bookmarks 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 8

8 You’re Awesome Pop-Open Cards

We’ve already seen some nice inspirational cards, but these are a little different. They come in a box of 30 and have to be ripped open to reveal the quote inside. So, you don’t know what the message will be until opening! They are perfect for surprising a special friend and telling them why they are awesome!

You’re Awesome Pop Open Cards 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 9

9 Be Strong Mug

When it comes to inspiring gifts, something practical is always a good idea. That’s why we have chosen out this lovely motivational mug. It holds 11 ounces and is made from ceramic. The mug has the message ‘Be strong, be brave, be fearless, you are never alone,’ so it’s sure to make your friend feel better when they are drinking their morning coffee.

Be Strong Mug 2 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 10

10 Inspirational Running Socks

Our final pick is this awesome pair of socks, made from acrylic, nylon, and spandex. They are designed to keep the feet comfortable and dry with special moisture-wicking technology. The socks have an ankle cut design and come in many colors, each with different messages, so you are sure to find the perfect fit for your friend!

Inspirational Running Socks 10 Motivational Gifts for Friends Who Need a Present - 11

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