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Motivation Boosters in Fat Loss Quickie

1- Fat loss world is full of different motivation strategies that help you to stick to your body transformation program. You haven’t to follow any of them as if it is a beaten path; you can make a motivation strategy like tables or sheets for yourself that help you achieve your goal.

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2- Design table with two columns as an Empower Beliefs table, write down in the first column your reasons about what makes you not achieve the body of your dream in the past. In the second column, write all the steps of what you are going to do about your goal. Read them again carefully and make them as a challenge to yourself and start organizing your time, avoid useless time sucking activities.

3- There is another sheet you can make it as a motivation thing for you; it’s the Daily Victories Sheet. Write in it all the Critical Tasks that you must achieve and the important but Not Critical Tasks and the tasks that you wish to achieve. When you complete one task make a correct sign on it to motivate you to achieve more tasks.

4- The third suggestion table is the Transformation Calendar Table. Make a table with 7 columns (the 7 week days), write out your long term goal and the tasks (your meals and exercises) that you must perform today in order to bring you one step closer to your goal.

5- The fourth motivation idea is The Fat Loss Quickie Bull’s Eye. Draw 5 circles inside each other’s, every circle represents one criteria you must follow to achieve your goal. The five criteria are: healthy meal plan, training program, cardio guidelines, review your goals and reporting to support group. Put this Bull’s Eye in a place on hand, every time you achieve one task hit one circle with a magnet till you complete all the 5 circles.

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