Most Popular Means Of Transportations in Different Countries

Transportation or transport it is a term means to move people, goods or animals from one place to another one. Modes of transport could be different such as rail, water, air or road. Transport is very important in all countries as it encourages trades and other economic business among countries. Means of transport differs as there are means of traveling for long distances such as trains, ships, helicopters or airplanes; and other means to move in the near distances such as taxi, public buses, bikes, private cars, boats or Toktok which is popular in most countries as in the following images:

Another means of transportation



All countries are provided with the possible means of transportation and develop railway stations, airports, bus stations, water roads as terminals to its mean. Transportation is very important in developing economy and globalization. Transportation should be planned well to avoid traffic problems and to achieve the traffic flow. However, transportation has great attributes in sparing efforts and times, but there are some problems of transportation which is like air pollution. Every good thing should have some negative problems, but this makes us to try finding solutions to its problems.

In the past, means of transportation were very limited; but recently it is developed and other vehicles are invented. In past, people were walking or riding horses, but now means of transportation developed and verified such as these in the following images:

Handsome fredward singlespeed cyclocross commuter bike



latest heavy sports bike



Constanta MAZ yellow bus

NYC Hybrid Taxi
Train des Pignes



Yacht Indian Empress


Grand Transportations

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