Most Popular Heart Art Installations

Art of installations started in the early of 1970s, but it had roots which found earlier than this time in the arts of Marcel Duchamp and Kurt Schwitters. At the beginning, the installations were created to be in museums and galleries in exhibitions, but after that it became a popular thing to be seen everywhere in public such as in streets, squares, private places and even in palaces and houses.

Streets’ art installations are very colorful and interactive, so it can attract people and give a nice view. Installations are various and different from each other in its materials, its sizes and in its point of view of each artists separately.

Modern characteristics were admitted to these installations to give them different format and style from old installations which were known before with its simplicity. New materials are used, modern ways of lights are entered this art and another modern characteristics of this temporary time.

Heart art installations became very popular in designs into streets and houses; designers can make heart installations with different materials like wood, steel or some kind of candles, while there are some people who has the gift which helps them to make these designs with simple materials at home.

Times-Squares-New-Heart8-640x520 Most Popular Heart Art Installations
Installation of heart into a square
heart-on-bridge_low Most Popular Heart Art Installations
Heart installation on a bridge

ricky-burnett-and-fago-010 Most Popular Heart Art Installations

5 Most Popular Heart Art Installations

IMG_0467 Most Popular Heart Art Installations

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