5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year

Technology is going through rapid advancements and consumers as well as businesses can’t get enough of innovative solutions in the form of an app or gadget. Every year, the tech industry introduces a new product or service that caters to a specific problem, which explains why people are so interested in the latest industry developments.

New trends are brought up, paving the way for tech companies to bring disruption to all other sectors, including healthcare, financial services, education, and leisure, among others. Some of these innovations have been around for quite some time, but 2019 will prove to be a year in which many existing technologies will be perfected while potential ones will be presented to the market.

So, what’s happening in the world of tech that needs our attention? Here are the most important ones:

technology trends 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 1

1 The rise of virtual assistants

The first thing that comes to mind when we hear “virtual assistant” is the image of a home-based secretary. Indeed, businesses continue to outsource their most complex and tedious tasks to freelancers. But with work on AI-powered assistants nearing perfection, the term now applies to voice-activated gadgets and amenities at home and the office. Alexa, Siri, and other AI virtual assistants are becoming more popular due to the ease and convenience they give to users.

virtual assistants alexa 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 2

Siri Virtual Assistant 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 3

2 The advent of nanotechnology

Of all the trends shaping the world of tech today, no other concept has been more futuristic or exciting than nanotechnology. These past years, much of nanotechnology’s usage has been in medicine. The concept has great potential in terms of detecting cancer cells as well as distributing nutrients directly to cells. In the field of electronics, nanotech is also used to develop minute transistors which can be used in microdevices. Though this concept has yet to saturate the market, manufacturers can still find what they need through authorized electronics suppliers such as

nanotechnology in medicine 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 4

Nanoparticles nanotechnology in electronics 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 5

3 Reliance on the cloud

Cloud computing has been around for quite some time now, but businesses are seeing much potential in leveraging it as a means of effective data management, security, and productivity. Cloud computing will, no doubt, continue to nurture a loyal audience. With services such as Google Suite, DropBox, and other platforms, there is massive potential to reduce workloads and eliminate productivity barriers such as slow turnaround times.

cloud computing 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 6

Cloud computing in business 2 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 7

4 Predictive analytics

From search engine auto-fill features to making market predictions, machine learning still needs to undergo intensive developments before it’s able to provide businesses with a highly efficient means of decision-making. As technology becomes smarter, we will see more businesses adopt predictive analytics not as an afterthought but as an essential component in marketing.

Predictive analytics 2 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 8

Predictive analytics 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 9

5 Increased focus on cybersecurity

As we continue to reel from the effects of the Cambridge Analytica scandal involving Facebook, businesses are looking to safeguard their client information from data and identity theft. That being said, applying security measures such as SSL certificates and data encryption will help businesses that are looking to protect themselves and their clients from possible breaches.

cybersecurity SSL certificate 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 10

cybersecurity data encryption 5 Most Important Tech Trends This Year - 11

Who knows what trends await us in the coming year!

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