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Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

If you have gotten married, then you know well how every part of the wedding is quite expensive, right from the wedding gown to the centerpiece. A lot of people are dreaming about getting married, but most of them don’t think about the cost of the wedding cake. As said by various sources, the second-best item that the bride wants to ensure that is perfect is the Cake, which comes right after the wedding dress. Can you imagine yourself spending over $20,000 on a food dish or your wedding cake? How about $20 million?

It looks like a lot of people are spending more money on wedding cakes than we thought once, and there are several choices for you to choose from; some people even add bling to their wedding cakes, having some parts of it uneatable. Some of these designs bring about some questions, though, like if you attend a wedding and you see a cake that is diamond-encrusted, like will the diamonds be kept? Are we to give it back to the bride, or the party host? Are there any rules that govern this kind of thing? What’s the right formality around these expensive cakes? Are we supposed to eat them, and who can we ask about these? With a lot of expensive wedding cakes, listed below are the top 10 most expensive wedding cakes that have been made.

1 The National Gay Wedding Cake [$52 Million]

In March 2013, the wedding show of the National Gay in Liverpool went ahead and hired the bakery cake, in order to have a cake designed majorly for the event. The layers of the cake were eight, almost 5 ft tall, and over 2000 diamonds were encrusted in the cake.

The-National-Gay-Wedding-Cake Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

2 The Princess Diana wedding cake [$40,000]

In 1981, Lady Spencer Diana got married to the Duke of Cornwall, who was known as Prince Charles. This made Diana Princess Diana of Wales. Lady Diana was the most photographed woman in the whole world until her death in 1997; she was loved everywhere in the world. The wedding was aired and millions of people watched it. The wedding cake cost $40,000 35 years ago. Some preserved slices of the cake are being auctioned now for almost $2000 per piece.

Princess-Diana-wedding-cake-675x1022 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Princess-Diana-wedding-675x603 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

preserved-slice-of-princess-diana-wedding-cake-675x675 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made
Specimen of Princess Diana wedding cake in the Mini Museum

3 David Gest and Liza Minnelli’s Towering Cake [$40,000]

In 2012, the whole world was shocked when she and producer David Gest got married. Though the marriage was short-lived (it lasted for one year and a half), but the wedding was very extravaganza. Elizabeth Taylor and Michael Jackson also attended the wedding party. No expense was spared including the cake.

David-Gest-and-Liza-Minnelli’s-Towering-wedding-Cake-675x450 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

4 Royal Cake of Princess Kate [$78,000]

This was the royal cake of Kate Middleton and Prince William which was designed in 2011 for their ceremony. It was designed by Fiona Cairns with her team of over 50 designers and bakers. The confection was worked on for a period of five weeks, and almost everything Kate wanted was incorporated into the cake. The cake wasn’t very tall, there were various flowers and each of them had a meaning that was special for the Duchess. The whole cake was eatable; which includes the ivy which was used to symbolize marriage and love, bridal roses which promoted adoration and happiness, with also the 900 floral pieces which were coded in order to have different countries and beliefs represented.

Royal-wedding-Cake-of-Princess-Kate-675x439 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Princess-Kate-wedding-675x908 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

5 Kris Humphries and Kim Kardashian Wedding Cake [$20,000]

Almost everyone has heard of Kim Kardashian and Kanye West wedding, but her marriage with Kris Humphries was very close to a fairytale. In 2011 Kardashian was fascinated with the royal family, to the extent of trying to replicate the wedding of Prince William and Kate Middleton. That same year in October, she and Kris had their vows said, with a lot of celebrity guests in attendance, and her wedding cake was to imitate the cake of the royal wedding. The cake was 8 ft in height, and it has like 600 pounds of chocolate chip. It was designed by Hanson Patrick.

Kris-Humphries-and-Kim-Kardashian-Wedding-Cake-1-675x971 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Kris-Humphries-and-Kim-Kardashian-Wedding-Cake-675x951 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

6 Joe Manganiello and Sofia Vergara Wedding Cake [$50,000]

The wedding of this Colombian beauty to Joe was very incredible to the fullest of imagination. After a cake buffet during the rehearsal dinner, the wedding event had a cake designed by Sylvia Weinstock. The cake is 5-tiered and it was decorated with various lots of flowers.

Joe-Manganiello-and-Sofia-Vergara-Wedding-Cake-675x859 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Joe-Manganiello-and-Sofia-Vergara-Wedding-Cake-1-675x409 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

7 Melanie and Donald Trump Wedding Cake [$50,000]

Everyone knows how the United States President lives like. He is known for his rich lifestyle, and he isn’t someone that shies away from anything. His wedding with Melanie cost almost 1 million dollars. Their wedding cake was estimated to cost over $50,000. The cake was 5ft tall and of seven-tiered. Three thousand white icing rose was used to decorate it, and it was also filled with the Grand Marnier Buttercream. It was designed by Cedric Barbaret.

Melanie-Trump-and-Donald-Trump-Wedding-Cake-675x860 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Melanie-and-Donald-Trump-Wedding-2 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

8 Catherine Zeta and Michael Douglas Vanilla Wedding Cake [$7,000]

Catherine Zeta and Michael Douglas are both famous Hollywood actors. Their marriage was a large occasion for everyone. Their wedding cake was designed by Weinstock Sylvia, and it was estimated to cost around $7,000.

Catherin-Zeta-and-Michael-Douglas-Vanilla-Wedding-Cake Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Catherin-Zeta-and-Michael-Douglas-Wedding Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

9 Luxury Bridal Show Cake [$20 Million]

Every year, in Beverly Hills, California, the Luxury Bridal Show gets extravagant more and more. In 2006, it was decided that they should design an expensive cake that would go in line with the theme of the wedding event. A piece of art was designed by Nahid Parsa, and gold flakes with many lots of diamonds were included. As at that time it was estimated to worth 20 million dollars.

Luxury-Bridal-Show-Cake Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

10 Marc Mezvinsky and Chelsea Clinton’s Wedding Cake [$11,000]

The details of their wedding were top-secret until the moments that both of them exchanged their vows. Even the designers of the cake and La Tulipe Desserts, Frances and Maarten Steenman were also hidden from the public as they were designing Chelsea’s dream cake. The cake is made of gluten-free flour having a blend of vanilla sponge cake, layered with chocolate mousse. It’s 6 ft tall, it has nine tiers and all are in vanilla fondant.

wewdding-cake-675x497 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

Marc-Mezvinsky-and-Chelsea-Clinton’s-Wedding-675x448 Top 10 Most Expensive Wedding Cakes Ever Made

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