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15 Most luxurious Yachts in The World

What is your feeling when you get up one day to find the sky over you and water around you? This feeling can not be described because there is not a single word which is able to describe such a feeling at that moment. What are the thoughts that may come into your mind when you see a luxurious yacht sailing in the sea in front of your eyes? you will hope to jump in the sea to just stand on this yacht. You will wish you can possess it for just one night in return for any price and will envy its possessor. It may be the dream of your life to live in a yacht sailing in the sea.

There are some wealthy people who possess yachts which are considered to be the most luxurious and expensive yachts in the whole world. These yachts differ in their sizes, prices that exceed millions of dollars and the materials of which they are made. Here are some of the most expensive yachts around the world which will dazzle you when you first look at them.

History Supreme “4.8 billion dollars”

The yacht is also called Baia 100 SUPREME. It is the costliest yacht in the whole world which is possessed by a Malaysian billionaire whose name is Robert Kuok. Precious materials such as bones of dinosaurs, tiny meteorites, gold and platinum are used for making this yacht. It uses about 100.000 kg of gold and platinum which appear in every part of the yacht even in its exterior body.

history supreme yacht 2
history supreme yacht 2
history supreme yacht 3
history supreme yacht 4

Eclipse “800 million dollars”

It is the second costliest yacht in the world which is owned by Roman Abromavich who is a Russian Billionaire. The yacht has a cinema, library and swimming pool for more luxury and it is considered to be largest private yacht in the world. It is also well secured to ensure the privacy of those who are staying in it.

roman abramovich eclipse yacht 3
eclipse yacht

Dubai “350 million dollars”

The yacht is also called Platinum 525 and it is possessed by Sheik Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum who is the Prime Minister of UAE. The yacht includes anything that you may need and it has a helicopter pad, spa and a swimming pool for a luxurious on board of the yacht.

Super Yacht Moors in Doha, Qatar

Superyacht A “323 million dollars”

It is possessed by Andrei Melnichenko who is a Russian billionaire. The yacht is designed in a special way that allows it to penetrate ice bergs.

Super Yacht A
super yacht

Al Said ” 300 million dollars “

The yacht caries the name of its possessor who is Sultan Qaboos Bin Said Al Said. The yacht was finished in 2008.

3 AlSaid Claus Schaefe

Pelorus Yacht ” 300 million dollars”

It is possessed by Roman Abramovich who is a Russian billionaire. The yacht is loaded with helicopter pads, swimming pools, conference rooms and suites.

Pelorus Yacht

Dilbar ” 263 million dollars “

 It is owned by Alisher Usmanov. The yacht carries the name of the owner’s mother. The yacht includes a helicopter pad and swimming pools.

Yacht Dilbar

Al Mirqab ” 250 million dollars “

The yacht is possessed by Hamad bin Jassim bin Jaber Al Thani who is the Prime Minister of Qatar. There are two rooms especially designed for the possessor and the yacht has also a helicopter, swimming pool, sunbath place and a cinema.

al mirqab
Al Mirqab air

Lady Moura ” 210 million dollars “

It is owned by Nasser Al-Rashid who is a multi-billionaire from Saudi Arabia. The name of the yacht that appears on board is made of gold. The yacht has a helicopter and boats.

lady moura
1990 Yacht Lady Moura

 Seven Seas ” 200 million dollars “

This yacht is possessed by Steven Spielberg who is a Hollywood director. The yacht is loaded with helipad, gymnasium and a unique swimming pool which has a glass that is used as displaying screen.

seven seas
Steven Spielbergs New Seven Seas Yacht 2

The Rising Sun ” 200 million dollars “

The yacht is owned by David Geffen who is a Film Producer from America. It has a private helicopter pad that can also be used or playing basketball.

Rising Sun
rising sun

Octopus ” 200 million dollars “

This yacht is possessed by Paul Allen from America. It has a cinema, recording studio, two helicopters and boats.

Octopus Yacht
yacht octopus

Al Salamah ” 200 million dollars “

The yacht is possessed by Sultan bin Abdul Aziz who is the king of Saudi Arabia. This yacht is loaded with a library, cinema, business center, spa, and a gymnasium for enjoying a complete luxurious life on board of the yacht.

AL SALAMAH yacht 1
Al Salamah

Tatoosh ” 162 million dollars “

This yacht is owned by Paul Allen. It is made of aluminum and steel and is loaded with a swimming pool, movie theater and two helicopter pads.

Yacht Tatoosh
Paul Allen Tatoosh Yacht 2

Project Mars ” 161.8 million dollars “

The yacht is possessed by Fincantieri Yachts. This yacht has a swimming pool, room for children to play in, gymnasium, spa and business room.

Fincantieri Project Mars

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