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About Monkey Wrench Hosting:

MonkeyWrench hosting was only established in September 2005, which makes this company to be considered as pretty new to the hosting industry. Even though the company experienced some difficulties at first, the main goal of the founders of MonkeyWrench Hosting is to give consumers a high quality hosting services at a price that can be afforded even by start up website owners.

Currently, MonkeyWrench hosting has offices located in the U.S and U.K. Their main server which is at downtown Chicago, Illinois, being one of the cities in the world with high internet connection, makes it the perfect location so the server can perform at its optimum capacity to deliver content over the internet.


MonkeyWrench Hosting Review on services and features:

In this MonkeyWrench hosting review we will try to look into the specific features and services offered by this hosting company and see if it compares with the other popular hosting companies in the market.

MonkeyWrench hosting offers 4 very affordable hosting packages namely Monkey, Chimp, Ape and King Kong. Surprisingly, all of these hosting packages come with the same features such as RAID 10 disk space, Litespeed servers, Fantastico, Installatron, Cpanel 11 and daily backups. All of them also have a free setup fee. Their only difference is the bandwidth and disk space allotment. With the Monkey package having 45 GB bandwidth and 2.5 GB disk space to the King Kong package with 300 GB bandwidth and 24 GB disk space.

When it comes to the email features, all packages have unlimited email accounts, web based email, auto responders, virus protection, spam protection and unlimited email forwarders. Their domain features slightly differ from one another only when it comes to the number of domains allowed, which is 5 for Monkey, 20 for Chimp and unlimited both for Ape and King Kong.


MonkeyWrench Hosting Advantages:

MonkeyWrench hosting is running on LiteSpeed server which looks very promising when it comes to speed and performance. LiteSpeed boasts about connection speed that can reach 9 times faster than hosting providers running on standard apache. To ensure maximum speed, they make use of the RAID 10 hard drives that are highly capable of withstanding various hardware failures.

MonkeyWrench hosting also has Fantastico already built in with each hosting package. Fantastico will allow you to install various web scripts like PHPBB and WordPress with just a few clicks of the mouse. You can also use this to create files, databases and automatically configure some scripts.


MonkeyWrench Hosting Review on its Reliability:

The web hosting services offered by monkeywrenchhosting.com comes with a 30 day money back guarantee. This is something that’s very reassuring especially for those with a very limited budget who don’t want to waste their money on poor hosting services.

They also guarantee their clients with a 99.95% uptime for their servers and 100% network uptime. MonkeyWrench also assures their clients with high quality servers and hardware to ensure optimum performance of their website. Just in case something happens with your website, you don’t have to worry about losing all your files as MonkeyWrench has its own 5 day backup system using their R1Soft storage.


Bad Things About MonkeyWrench Hosting:

So far, I don’t see any issues that could arise from using the services of monkeywrenchhosting.com. Most of the clients who are using MonkeyWrench hosting are satisfied with the services of the company. Their services and features are already the best considering the very affordable price of each package. I can say that this is something for new and medium scale websites.


MonkeyWrench Hosting Review on Customer Support:

MonkeyWrench hosting also has a dedicated team with staffs available to answer both technical and client questions anytime of the day. They also have a knowledge base center complete with technical details and common FAQ’s about their hosting services.


Conclusion On MonkeyWrench Hosting Review:

To conclude this MonkeyWrench Hosting review, I can say that this web hosting provider is something worth giving a try especially with 30 Day Money Back Guarantee. If you’re looking for a cheap but great quality hosting services, then MonkeyWrench Hosting is definitely for you.

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