Modern Solutions to Improve the Functionality of Flat Roofs

Modern buildings are increasingly being designed with flat roofs. The use of a shape that is simple in form optimizes the running costs of the building while at the same time providing a striking visual effect.

Rooms in flat-roofed buildings cannot always be provided with natural light through façade windows. In this case, specialized windows for flat roofs are the best solution. Such joinery elements efficiently let the sun’s rays through and, at the same time, are an interesting architectural detail in the interior.

1 Flat roof – a solution for modern architecture

Until recently, flat roofs were mainly associated with old-fashioned cube houses and grey public buildings. For some time, it was an unpopular shape. Meanwhile, buildings topped with a flat roof reduce investment costs and also minimize the expenses associated with operating the house. Modern-style buildings with this visual form are also very interesting from an architectural point of view.

 Due to the lack of possibility of slope glazing, it may seem that a flat roof makes it difficult to separate usable rooms centrally in the middle of the building outline. Nothing could be further from the truth. Flat roofs, like wooden trusses, can be fitted with window joinery elements – special windows for flat roofs.

If you are looking for windows to light up rooms under a flat roof effectively, go to: You will find a variety of glazing systems providing plenty of natural light and guaranteeing thermal and acoustic comfort inside the building.

flat-roof Modern Solutions to Improve the Functionality of Flat Roofs

2 What are the characteristics of windows for flat roofs?

Windows for flat roofs can be differentiated primarily by their visual form and technical parameters. Packages of this type may be convex or flat. Depending on the variant, the systems are characterized by different thermal insulation parameters. In each case, the value of the heat transfer coefficient corresponds to the applicable requirements in this respect.

Contrary to popular belief, windows for flat roofs do not impair acoustic comfort in rooms. Window elements of this type effectively muffle air sounds and the sound of raindrops hitting the glass.

 The use of flat roof glazing also does not compromise the safety of the building. The glazing packages used in the windows are resistant to break-ins, and there is no danger of the glass cutting through in a cracked station.

Windows for flat roofs are capable of letting in a very large amount of natural light, thus significantly increasing the comfort of the rooms. It is also worth bearing in mind that not all joinery of this type needs to be installed with a slope to ensure that rainwater can drain away from the surface.

flat-roof-1 Modern Solutions to Improve the Functionality of Flat Roofs
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