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Modern Mapping Solutions to Save Time & Reduce Stress

Do you like traveling and visiting new places all over the world? If you are one of those who likes discovering new places and visiting different countries around the world, you will realize the importance of maps. Without a map, you will find yourself lost because you cannot find your way. You may need to know where you are in a building or even a street, where the place you are looking for is, and how to go to the place you want to visit. The only thing that can help you easily and quickly find your way, especially if you are traveling alone, is your map. In addition to getting lost, if you do not have a map, you will waste a very long time and exert a huge effort looking for the place you want without giving yourself the chance to enjoy your journey. Because maps are highly essential for almost everyone and important for both indoor and outdoor navigation, there are software companies that have recently appeared for creating mapping solutions. This can help users easily and quickly find their way without wasting a long time.

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♦ The evolution of maps “From cave paintings to 3D maps”

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Maps have been used as essential tools for thousands of years to help people navigate and explain their way all over the world. They first appeared as cave paintings and then developed to two-dimensional drawings. Today, creating maps has become completely different thanks to the new technology we have and the creative devices we use. Instead of those two-dimensional drawings, there are 3D and interactive maps that come to replace traditional paper maps as well. Using maps is not limited to travelling and discovering new places around the world. You may need to use a map inside your country and this happens when you are in a public place or building such as hospitals, airports, and more.

♦ Software companies offer great mapping solutions to help users around the world find their way

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Many software companies try to offer mapping solutions to allow their users to easily and quickly find their way. Visioglobe is one of the best software companies you can find in this field. It is an application software publishing company that is headquartered in Montbonnot Saint Martin, France. It has another office in Dubai to radiate throughout the world and cover more places. Visioglobe specializes in designing indoor navigation maps for mobile, web, and kiosk applications. It has a highly qualified team of developers who have the ability to create a 100,000m2 map in less than 5 days. It takes less than 4 hours for the integration of the visualization modules.

At the beginning, Visioglobe targeted an outdoor market including navigation on roads, ski slopes, hiking paths, golf courses embedded in a PDA, and other hardware. Starting from 2011, Visioglobe has decided to set sights on the indoor market with focusing on smartphones. Thanks to its unique ability to quickly design high-quality maps for mobile, web, and kiosk applications, Visioglobe comes today to cross borders and cover some of the world’s largest malls, most prestigious airports, hospitals in the USA, shopping centers, stadiums, and thousands of square meters of office space.

♦ Mapping solutions for indoor navigation

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Because it is not easy to navigate and quickly find your way in public buildings and large venues like airports, hospitals, malls, and more, Visioglobe offers several mapping solutions to solve this problem. Indoor navigation, indoor positioning system, and wayfinding kiosk are among the solutions that are presented by Visioglobe. It’s the only multiplatform editor to offer an indoor way finding solution. It has the ability to create 3D mapping solutions for a natural wayfinding experience, makes interactive mobile application maps, and present 3D pedestrian navigation inside airports.

By making use of the solutions that are presented by Visioglobe for indoor navigation, you can quickly find your way in a limited time, exert a little effort, and reduce stress especially while being in an airport or a hospital. Visioglobe 3D maps that are embedded in airports, hospitals, malls, offices, and showrooms will guide you through any device you like as they are designed to be used via the web, smartphones, and kiosks. Thanks to the indoor positioning, relying on the geo-referenced digitalization of the indoor maps, and real-time updating of information, you will get the best results you want while looking for your way in a public building or any other large venue.

♦ Who can benefit from those excellent mapping solutions by Visioglobe?

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Visioglobe is for airport managers, mall managers, business owners who have large companies, event organizers, others who are responsible for managing large venues, and all of those users who need to quickly find their way to save time and reduce stress. With Visioglobe, you can solve your mapping needs and help your customers easily find their way around your environment, while using mobile, website, or kiosk, by creating and editing maps of your indoor spaces. Those accurate and attractive maps designed by Visioglobe come to ensure fluid, practical and fast navigation.

♦ The importance of using modern mapping solutions

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With the help of modern mapping solutions, especially those that are offered for indoor navigation, you can:


  • Increase exhibitors’ visibility.
  • Offer real time information updates and provide attendees with better positioning in the exhibition.


  • Help employees quickly find their way and easily know where a colleague is.
  • Improve space management and provide employees with the needed information about meeting room availability in real time.


  • Improve guidance in malls and increase traffic in shops.
  • Help consumers easily access a chosen shop and analyze their behavior.
  • Allow customers to benefit from different offers and modernize the mall’s branding.


  • Decrease passengers’ stress and improve their guidance to the gate.
  • Offer real time flight information and precisely analyze passengers’ flow.
  • Increase traffic in duty free areas and make it possible for passengers to benefit from the commercial information about the duty free.

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