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Best Mizuki Jewelry Pieces on The Market

Are you looking for edgy jewelry with a classic touch? If so, you should check out Mizuki designs. With a combination of precious metals and stones, Mizuki jewelry is offering innovative designs which are sophisticated and trendy.

Mizuki, who is a trained sculptor from New York, grew up and went to the School for Visual Arts in the city but she is originally from Tokyo. In 1996, she settled down in Soho and joined forces with Alan Goltz to create the Mizuki precious jewelry collection. With her background in fine arts combined with her Japanese heritage, the designer created some stylish jewelry with powerful shapes and sleek movement. Over the years, Mizuki continues to reshape classic designs and her work exudes the finest craftsmanship with amazing details.

Mizuki Jewelry Collection

The information below will tell you a little about some of the jewel pieces from Mizuki’s collection:
Mizuki Collection features beautiful pieces of jewelry, even when they are combined with individual style. The designs are created in 14 karats yellow gold setting with diamond, ruby, pearl as well as green and pink tourmaline. The pieces are accented in small gold caviar beads which highlight the careful attention to details and the rich beauty of the designs.

The Soho Collection from Mizuki showcases modern designs combined with an artsy bohemian flair. The jewel pieces are created in 14 karat gold along with precious stones and diamonds.

There is also Mizuki Peridot Fine Jewelry Collection with a dazzling use of shapes and textures. This designer is a true perfectionist as each piece in this collection is flawless, impressive and proportioned perfectly. You will love the sexy edge that this collection offers, because you will get to wear your Mizuki jewelry with lush uptown fur and casual jeans.

Here are some of the individual jewel pieces that you will find on the market:

  • Mizuki 14k Gold Beaded Marquis Extra Large Hoop Earrings: These earrings can add style and shape to any evening attire. The classic design of these marquise-shaped hoop earrings feature silver beads that will glisten in the sunlight, while the sleek shape enhances your facial features and add depth to your appearance.
  • Mizuki 14k Yellow Gold French Gothic Necklace with Oxidized Silver and Diamond: This inspired necklace pendant boasts an antique flair that is well-suited for every day, high-end style. With fine accents and a dark metal, you can add this necklace to your collection to get an edgy look.
  • Mizuki Diamond Bubble Ring in Silver and Gold Setting: This bold ring with white diamonds will add some edge to your sweet, delicate style. With a luxurious sparkle, this ring will definitely help you to stand out and make a fashion statement.

Mizuki jewelry always boasts an exciting element, as the designer creates inspired statement pieces from fine art and rich culture. You can expect nothing but innovative designs from Mizuki!

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Mizuki-14k-Diamond-Quill-Necklace-On-Adjustable-Wheat-Chain Best Mizuki Jewelry Pieces on The Market
Mizuki 14k Diamond Quill Necklace On Adjustable Wheat Chain


Mizuki-14Ktshadow-Silver-Chain-Charm-Star-Ball-Diamond-Pendant-Necklace Best Mizuki Jewelry Pieces on The Market
Mizuki 14Ktshadow Silver Chain Charm Star Ball Diamond Pendant Necklace


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