Best Hosting Companies Hosting review ! affordable reseller solutions isn’t one of the first names that pop up when you are considering hosting,

which is a shame really, as they have been working almost non-stop since 2003 to deliver a sublime hosting service for their customers. Many people do turn their nose up at them because they are cheap, but try to put this out of your mind for a while, they are cheap because they know how to do website hosting properly, not because their service is poor. Let’s take a little look at the packages MidPhase offer.

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 Their most basic package is their ‘personal plan’, which comes with unlimited bandwidth,

space and a free domain name. It is a cheap solution for those that are looking to get their personal websites online as quickly as possible, or perhaps they want to make a blog. Whatever your reason, you should find benefit with the personal plan of Despite the cheap price, you can still make use of the ‘industry standard’ cPanel for the management of your hosting, with a number of ‘one click’ installs to get your website off the ground as quickly as possible.

If you are attempting to run a business then you will want to opt for their ‘Business Plan’, which is slightly more than the personal plan, but offers a number of perks. These perks being the addition of a static IP address and the addition of a free SSL certificate. Both of these of course are vital if you want your customers to take you seriously online, where fraud is currently rife.

Looking to get an online web company on the go? Then MidPhase are able to offer a number of affordable reseller solutions, of course, these don’t come with ‘unlimited’ resources, but you do get enough to sell on for substantial amounts of profit. Web Designers and people looking to start their own web hosting companies should be able to provide you with this.

If have expanded beyond shared hosting, then you have dedicated servers also at your disposal. These are fully customisable so you can do whatever you want with them! To cap it all off, you also have unlimited support for those times when managing your dedicated server is a little bit harder than you had originally anticipated. All of their cheap dedicated servers come with unlimited bandwidth.

Of course, being a ‘cheap’ solution you can expect the host to falter a little, but to be honest, I haven’t seen that happen too often with MidPhase, my website is up the majority of the time, which is not something I can say about other hosting providers. If it does go down, then it is up within a few minutes max, I am putting this down to system maintenance.

They also have a dedicated team available in the United States who can support you with your problems 24/7 (hosting related of course!). They have a number of ways in which you can contact them, perhaps the most surprising is the toll free number.

So would I recommend MidPhase? Of course I would, the plethora of options that are at your disposal are enough to grow your company without having to constantly change from hosting provider to hosting provider.

View Popular Midphase Plans …

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