Microsoft Officially Announced The Dismissal of Service «Messenger» to Retire Mid-March

Microsoft announced its intention to refer its famous “Messenger” for instant conversation to retire as of mid-March, that is converted users of this service to the program “Skype” alternative.

The magazine “Writer World” reported, American concerned with the computer on its Web site an e-mail message sent by the IM team for Microsoft to users of the service in which he said that “the Messenger service will close at the level of the world except the mainland.”

The letter added that, “the user will be able to continue to conduct instant messaging and video chat and discover new ways to communicate, but through the Skype service, which works on mobile phones and tablet computers.”

According to the German news agency that the Messenger will continue to operate as usual until March 15 next, where Sitala users program on that day a letter asking them shift to service Skype, and simply pressing the message, you will be automatically download Skype software and delete the Messenger, but after the 15th March, will not be able to log in to Messenger service, although it will continue to be able to switch to Skype.

Microsoft has confirmed that Skype will run on many devices, including personal computers and PCs and Mac phones iPhone smart and computers iPad tablet from Samsung and devices running operating systems Android and Kindle Fire, and will be available soon on the operating system and Windows Phone 8.

Microsoft had acquired Skype in 2010 peer 5.8 billion dollars, and said at the time that they have big plans for this service include retained as a service independent, and in November last year, Microsoft announced that it intends to close the service IM for Skype, launched in the same month a special service for small businesses working on Skype program.

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