Meet Grolltex: A Company Out to Change the Future

Graphene sheets are incredible new innovations that will change everything from how we generate energy to how we interact with medical devices. Graphene is the most conductive, at room temperature, material that we know of, and it’s incredibly strong thanks to its unique link structure. Producing graphene for commercial use has been the challenge.

Grolltex has solved this problem, shaving hours of production off of the typical manufacturing time. The end result? Cost effective technology ready for deployment.

 What is Graphene? 

A single layer of graphene is composed of a flat sheet of carbon atoms arranged in a repeating hexagonal lattice. The name comes from graphite, which is the substance graphene must be isolated from. It’s an incredible barrier, that is both lighter and stronger than steel (by a factor of at least 200).

It’s also measured at just one atom in thickness, making it one of the few materials to be classified as “2D.”

What-is-Graphene Meet Grolltex: A Company Out to Change the Future

The greatest strength of graphene manufacture is that the substance is derived from carbon, one of the most plentiful elements on Earth. Sustainable, easy to produce and highly conductive, graphene will replace a great deal of the silicon and metals currently used in today’s high tech equipment.

 Graphene Applications 

One astounding use for graphene can be found in the medical wearables market, where graphene sheets may eventually help predict an asthma attack. A team at Rutgers University discovered that graphene can be used as a component in a special wearable device that patients can exhale into. The device detects the onset of an attack, allowing patients precious seconds to prepare.

Graphene will someday be a key component in solar cell manufacturing, possibly lowering costs and improving energy retention. Combined with perovskite, graphene has helped boost solar cell performance by nearly 18%! This major development has lowered the costs of synthetic solar, and provided a more optimistic outlook for the solar industry as a whole.

Graphene-Applications Meet Grolltex: A Company Out to Change the Future

How about flexible flat screen technology? The technology of the future, that will change how we interact with our electronic devices, is based on graphene as well. Flexible and conductive, graphene is excellent for usage in computer circuitry. The possibilities in this space are nearly unlimited.

The technology will also have repercussions on the cost of products for consumers. It’s highly sought for use in batteries, smartphones and medical device manufacturing. Given the availability of graphene, and the new processes used to create it faster, customized applications are possible.

 What new developments will come in the future? 

Founding Grolltex

Aliaksandr (Alex) Zaretski had an idea to grow graphene on a copper substrate and was looking for ways to make the technology commercially viable. A senior scientist recommended he participate in the UCSD Entrepreneur Challenge, which helped kickstart the vision for what Grolltex would become. Alex’s company took first place, which fueled his passion to found Grolltex and break into the commercial market.

Founding-Grolltex Meet Grolltex: A Company Out to Change the Future

Today, Grolltex is expanding rapidly thanks to new investments and the multitude of applications for the products the company sells.

Final Thoughts

Graphene is a futuristic concept brought to reality, and Grolltex is at the forefront of mass production. With the company’s patented process of chemical vapour deposition, engineers are able to create a cost-effective substance used for manufacturing.

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