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How to Measure Your Ring Size on Your Own

When you go to any local jewelry store to purchase a ring, you will not need to know your ring size because the jeweler can help you to do that and you can try the rings that you like at the store to decide whether they fit your finger or not. The problem is that when you decide to purchase a ring to your wife or beloved to surprise her or want to buy a ring for yourself from an online jewelry store, you will not find a jeweler to help you while choosing and purchasing your ring and here comes the problem of your ring size. You do not know whether the ring that you want to purchase fits your finger or not and for this reason you have to know how to measure your ring size. You can rarely find a person who purchases a ring online without knowing his\her ring size and this can be easily done at home or in the local jewelry store that you usually visit to purchase the jewelry pieces that you like.


There are several ways that allow you to know your ring size

► Try to print one of those printable ring sizers or charts that can be found online and are offered by several websites for people like you. The ring size chart presents measurements that reflect different ring sizes.


► Bring a ring that you already have and hold it up against the printed circles on the paper. Each circle has a number that indicates a ring size.


► If you do not have a ring, then try using a thin string or strip of paper and wrap it around your finger where you wear your ring near the knuckle and below the joint of your finger to know your ring size. Mark the paper or string where it meets or overlaps using a pen and bring a ruler to measure the length of the paper or string from the starting end to the mark.


► There are plastic strips that can be used instead of paper or string for getting accurate results. Wrap the plastic strip around your finger, insert one end of the strip into the other one and tighten it gently to get your accurate size.


► Do not forget that the ring finger is one size smaller than the middle finger.


What can you do if you want to surprise your partner with a ring without making her know anything about that?

► Ask her mother or friends about her ring size but make sure that they will keep your secret and will not tell her.

► Take one of her rings secretly to the jeweler and ask him to give you a ring of the same size or to tell you the size of the ring that you have. Do not forget to return the ring.


► Wear her ring on one of your fingers and mark the position of the ring.


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