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MBP Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin Review – My 325% Increase in Profits!


About The MBP Ninja Affiliate WordPress Plugin:

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate is a WordPress plugin developed by Pawan Agarwal  to automatically convert keywords in blogs to affiliate links instantly to skyrocket  affiliate commissions. With this plugin, you could also manage and track your affiliate links from the WordPress text editor.

Pawan Agarwal is a 24 year old successful entrepreneur with many popular WP plugin such as Favicon, MaxBannerAds, Subscribers Magnet and more. He has certainly created this plugin with lots of advanced features, plus it’s very easy to use.


The MBP Ninja Affiliate Plugin Features:

mbpninjaaffiliate-download MBP Ninja Affiliate Wordpress Plugin Review - My 325% Increase in Profits!
Ninja Affiliate plugin has many features that beginners can use easily and more than enough to satisfy the needs of experienced persons. I have been using this affiliate plugin on my website for some time now and to date everything is going great. After paying full price to get the pre launch, a number of features have been added since then.
Some of the features include tools for easy and flexible management of affiliate link; professional redirect links; tool to prevent affiliate theft; advanced display options and more.



How The WordPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin Works:

The link management tool has been quite useful as it will help to define keywords in your blog posts that you can turn into affiliate links.

With this wordpress affiliate plugin, you can convert targeted keywords to affiliate anchor text links or regular links. You can then assign several keywords to that same link or even the same keyword to several links.

To ensure that your site is not showing like a spam, you can set a certain amount of affiliate links for every page or the entire blog or site. As an example, if my keyword is ninja affiliate and it’s linked to my affiliate links and its put to use several times, then I would ensure that each instance is not linked. I would opt for just two or maybe three of the first instances of the key phrase to go to the affiliate link.

There are many other ways that you can use this plugin, especially if you want to add no-follow to your affiliate links.


What Makes Ninja Affiliate Plugin Different:

MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin will give you all the stats and tools that will help you to have an advantage over your competitors.

Even with limited skills, you will be able to leverage the power of this plugin. What I really liked about this affiliate plugin is that it comes with step-by-step guideline so it’s easy to use.

You will definitely love the feature that will allow you to manage your affiliate links and groups in a professional way, especially if you have to promote many different products and programs on your blog.

One of the unique thing about this plugin is the smart caching function that it used to ensure that your blog is not moving sluggishly.

It’s also worth mentioning that the creator is a great guy, because he ensures that everyone benefits from excellent customer service.


What I didn’t Like in The WordPress Ninja Affiliate Plugin:

When I bought the Ninja Affiliate Plugin, there were some problems with download and minor issues later but, but Pawan resolved everything courteously and quickly.



If you try the plugin without getting the desired results for affiliate marketing, you can get a refund after 60 days!


 Bonus Or MBP Ninja Affiliate Plugin Discount Offers:

There are no bonuses with purchase Ninja Affiliate Plugin, but you can get free upgrades and support from forum and email.


 Final Conclusion:

Overall, MaxBlogPress Ninja Affiliate plugin has been quite helpful and I am completely satisfied with the results. This tool is recommended if you want help to manage your blogs with lots of affiliate links.

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