Marijuana Related Illness on the Rise in USA

For as long as everyone can remember, smoking Marijuana has always meant an immediate imprisonment if one ever got caught using it. All the weed smokers would buy this stuff, smoke it somewhere hidden where they can’t be easily busted. However, in 2009, a new law in the United States was released, only in some states, including Colorado, Florida, and more, stating that Marijuana is legalized, and there is nothing wrong with using cannabis since it is originally a cure for several diseases, but it was actually legalized to be used for medical purposes, for it is used as a painkiller for some patients, besides, it was proven to help regulate sleeping patterns for those who suffer from sleeping disorders, and it also cures many mental diseases including memory loss, epilepsy, anxiety disorder, and glaucoma.

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While a lot of people have protested against the newly released law, others were quite glad about it. It does not matter what category you fall into, but it seems to be a bad decision after all, for lately a strange illness has been making a great appearance all around the United States ever since that marijuana was legalized; since 2009.

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 Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome (CHS) 

In the beginning, a lot of cases have been reported in several hospitals, especially in those states where the stuff was legalized, stating that the patients were suffering from the same symptoms which are severe pain in the abdominal muscles, and violent vomiting. The doctors were not able to find out the underlying issues, because a lot of patients were not ready to admit using marijuana, even though it was legalized by then, but a lot of those cannabis users seem to have taken it way far than it was intended. Later, the reason behind that disease was figured out, and it turned out to have a name, which is Cannabinoid Hyperemesis Syndrome, but it is usually abbreviated to CHS.

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The CHS disease is caused when a large amount of marijuana is used heavily and over a relatively long period of time, leading the user to suffer from violent contractions in their abdomen, and intense vomiting. The doctors stated that the reasons for these signs to show up is using large doses of marijuana which can lead the receptors of the body to change in some way, in which they become abnormal and get impaired altogether, escorting to severe pain. And in some severe but rare cases, more serious side effects might take place, and that includes kidney failure. Since Colorado was one of the states, along with Florida, Arkansas and California, that has legalized the usage of cannabis; the diagnosis in two of its hospitals has surged to almost hit the double.

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 Hot showers.. A temporary solution 

A lot of experts and doctors have stated that taking hot showers or being soaked in a hot bath can relieve the muscles pain associated with the high use of marijuana, and that was proven to be true to the extent that some patients have been reported to be heavy shower takers, for it makes them feel so much better, they can even wake up at night from the middle of their sleep to soak themselves in a hot bath tub. However, the doctors have stated that those who have a constant urge to take showers originally suffer from psychosis.

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 You need to stop 

However hot baths lessen the symptoms caused by the heavy usage of marijuana, they are a short-term cure; it is just a matter of time and the symptoms will show up for once more, and the same goes for all the prescribed medications that are given to the patients by their doctors; they are not long-term cure. The only way that this disease can be cured and treated altogether, is to stop using marijuana at all, and that way a lot of improvements will take in the user’s overall health, or at least cut down on it a little bit, and still, the user will improve with time.

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No matter how beneficial marijuana might be, unless it is prescribed by a doctor with a limited dosage and for a specific purpose, it should not be used. Unfortunately, some people seem to enjoy violating the law one way or another by doing great harm to themselves, even if the marijuana was legalized in some states, it does not mean that using it heavily is recommended.

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