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Best 7 Tips for Making a Travel Plan

Deciding where will you spend your vacation is not more important than making a good travel plan, but how do you make a travel plan? let me help you a little , for example, you just have decided to spend your vacation in London after two weeks. Well… the first step you must take is to choose a trustful tourist company for booking the tickets, ask about the available flights that suit the date when you wanna start your vacation including the hotel reservation. The reservation of the hotel before you travel will make it much easier for you, it will save money and time.


After preparing your passport and all the traveling required papers then starts the second task, you must make a programme for your vacation either to London or to any other country you have intended to visit.

Your stay there will be limited so your programme  should include all the places, landmarks, cities that you hear about and want to visit there. If you don’t have enough information about the most important tourist attractions of this country, you can follow the programme of the tourist company that you will travel with but if you don’t like to have a company and prefer to enjoy your time alone you can search the web for more information, media also will help you a lot for gathering information about your favorite state.

Be careful to know the addresses of the historical sites, the entertainment places, the restaurants, and the most famous shops for shopping as you need to buy some gifts and souvenirs for yourself and your friends before you back home.  Pack enough bags with you and don’t forget your medical insurance maybe you need a medical treatment during your stay there.

Sarah Aziz

Written By translator Sarah Aziz
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