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Makeup Trends for a Gorgeous Look in 2018

It’s impossible to underestimate the value of makeup for a wide range of reasons. While some women and girls turn to makeup to effectively cover up the flawed skin, others use these products to create different looks on different occasions. Keeping in mind all of this; it’s easy to see how makeup is an integral component of a woman’s grooming and beauty essentials. Just like anything else related to fashion; makeup trends are also subject to change. This simply means that the kind of makeup that worked for you in 2017 can come across as slightly dated in 2018. Listed below are 11 gorgeous makeup trends for 2018 in an effort to ensure that you look your trendiest best in the upcoming year. Read further to know more.

11 Cat Eye Makeup with Glittery Black Eyeliner

If you desire to make a statement with minimal makeup, then the cat eye makeup with glittery black eyeliner is sure to meet your need. The emphasis here is on the eyes which contrast with nude lips and an otherwise makeup-free visage. The look is definitely gothic, but it works as a morning and evening look bearing in mind that this isn’t the ideal look for a working day in a corporate setting.

10 Classic Red Lips with Barely-there Eye Makeup

The makeup trends for 2018 will revolve around vibrant colors contrasting with subtle shades, and the classic red lips makeup that has been done to death gets a new lease of life when juxtaposed with barely there and very subtle eye makeup. This is a great morning look with a mix and match of both innocent and sensual vibes. It is necessary to point out here that this look is truly versatile. It works for college going girls, career women and even red carpet divas.

9 A Minimalistic Approach with Raspberry Lips

If you are a minimal makeup kind of girl and have flawless skin that you would rather not hide under layers of paint, the raspberry lips look sans any other makeup is just the right dose of vibrant color you need. This is yet another versatile makeup trend, and this look is guaranteed to work in any setting. Wear this look to work, a party or even a date, and you are bound to be admired for the aesthetics you choose to make your own.

8 Party Popping

If you are looking for that one makeup brand name that is sure to be big in 2018, you have to try on the Fenty Beauty range of makeup created by Rihanna in collaboration with Puma. This makeup line is quite versatile; however, the following picture is indicative of a shimmery party look for your next night out at the club. The yellow-gold highlighter you see here works best when used to accentuate the cheekbones. Shimmery nude lips and rose gold over eye makeup complete this party popping look.

7 Glittery Eyes

When it comes to makeup, glitter has been around for a few years now, and we predict that you are bound to see a lot of glittery eye makeup throughout 2018. Glitter under the eyes, over the eyes, around the eyes and even glitter lining for the eyebrows is sufficient proof that there will be no such thing as too much eye glitter in 2018. Glitter makeup as always will be restricted to evening and party wear. This is the look that is sure to get you noticed when you make your entry at a social event.

6 Cut Crease Eye Makeup

Cut crease eye makeup is trending right now and will gain even more popularity in 2018.  The cut crease method of applying eyeshadow effectively dramatizes and exaggerates the eyes giving off Goth-Chic vibes that have a definitive shock and awe effect. This eyeshadow technique is characterized by a conspicuous protruding cut in the crease of each eye and is most dramatized when contrasted with little or no makeup on the rest of the face. The cut crease eye makeup is great for an evening look and will probably be adopted by women who prefer statement eyes instead of a fully made up face.

5 Emerald Themes

If vibrant feminine shades are your thing, you can benefit from emerald theme eye makeup in 2018. A hint of emerald green above the eyelashes juxtaposed with teal shades at the brim of your eyes is sure to get you noticed. These shades are great for any skin tone and can be worn as both morning and evening makeup. This look was very prominent on the runway and dominated the show at Tadashi Shoji’s spring 2018 collection.

4 Pristine White

If you prefer to keep the makeup minimal and yet wish to make a bold statement, then try white over-eye makeup in this new avatar. This look doesn’t demand professional level makeup application skills and can be easily replicated at home. A conspicuous yet slim curved with a line just below the eyebrows will do quite a lot to accentuate the eyes. There is perhaps no better way to make a bold makeup statement without resorting to bright, attention-grabbing colors.

3 Peach Perfect

When you prefer natural tones and a balanced look, nothing compares a peachy glow. Peach perfect makeup shades for the eyes, lips, and cheekbones will be trending in a big way for the better part of 2018. Once again, this is a versatile look that works at any time of the day.

2 Bold Lilac Eyes

Missoni set the makeup tone with his Spring/Summer 2018 collection, and bold lilac eyes dominated the runway. We are predicting that this trend will really catch on in 2018.

1 Vibrant Colored Eye Lashes

Even the smallest of details like lustrous and vibrantly colored eyelashes will count for a lot in 2018. This trend includes both upper and lower lashes. A great colored mascara is all you need to get this awe-inspiring look.