5 Makeup mistakes women in their 30’s should avoid

Beauty experts share these top over 30 makeup tips and mistakes you should avoid to enjoy the age when the peaks of your beauty onset.

Women in their 30s are the most beautiful, according to recent studies; in fact, this is the age when many aspects of your life reach their pinnacle. By the time you turn 30, you’ve probably mastered all of the makeup hacks and tricks, and you know what products and shades work best for you.

Despite this, it’s easy to get stuck in your comfort zone and ignore the makeup changes you’ll need to make as you get older to better complement the changes in your skin, taste, style, and fashion.

So, if you’re wondering how to glow up in your 30s, look no further. Check out these makeup tips for over 30, as well as common makeup mistakes that age you and harm your skin you should avoid.

Makeup mistakes women in their 30’s should avoid

Let’s start with the mistakes you’re probably still making from your 20s; those faults should be considered a major makeup red flag when you’re in your 30s. Once we’ve addressed and rolled out those flaws, we can move on to discussing over 30 makeup tips for the perfect look that lasts all day.

Mistake #1: Not Prepping Your Skin

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makeup mistakes

You probably used to get away with not prepping your skin before applying makeup when you were younger and your skin was more youthful, now in your thirties, you must prepare your skin before applying any makeup. Cleansing and applying primer and eye cream are the essential prepping steps you can’t skip.

This prepping process helps clean your skin, seal pores, and produce a smoother surface for makeup to distribute and glide over for the longest possible period. Primers should also regulate your skin’s excessive production of sebum (oily substance). As a result, it extends your makeup wear time.

You’re prepping routine should be something like this:-

  • Cleanse your skin thoroughly.
  • Apply a light coat of moisturizer and sunscreen.
  • Apply nourishing eye cream.
  • Wait a couple of minutes for the products to settle in your skin.
  • Proceed with a light layer of primer, then your makeup steps.
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Face Primer

Mistake #2: Overloading the Foundation

You may mistakenly believe that more foundation equals more coverage for the skin flaws you want to conceal, but applying thick layers of foundation will further emphasize fine lines, skin texture, and wrinkles. Not only that, but too much foundation will also cake up, dry, and flake as well as look very obvious in person or under natural light.

Ideally, the products you apply to your skin should not obstruct its ability to breathe; This pertains to the quantity of foundation you use as well as the frequency with which you wear it; meaning you shouldn’t get into the habit of wearing foundation every day for long periods of time, nor should you apply more product than necessary.

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cakey foundation

After preparing your skin, apply a light layer of foundation and blend it in with a moist beauty blender to achieve the best result with the least amount of product.

Apply droplets of the formula directly to your skin rather than to the beauty blender.

If you want full coverage for a dressy event, it is always better to start with a thin layer of foundation and work your way up gradually for the desired finish.

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smooth foundation

Mistake #3: Over Filling the Brows with Dark Hues

Years ago, it was fashionable to overfill the entire brow with very dark colors, possibly shades that matched the hair. Even worse, ladies would precisely define the front of the bow, transforming it into a perfect square shape.

Besides looking far from natural, doing that will add years to your age. It is essential to realize that when it comes to eyebrows, less is always more. You need to find the middle ground that works best at anchoring your entire look together.

Thick brows are unnatural and unattractive, while too thin brows will make your features indistinct and fading.

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overfilled brows

Too thin brows will make your features undefined and faded, while thick brows are unnatural and unattractive. If you have dark hair, experts recommend using a brow pencil or powder two shades lighter than your hair color and two shades darker if you are blonde or have extremely light brown hair.

Fill in the areas of your brows that require filling softly, avoiding too much product on the front portion; for the tips, a few strokes with the product residue left on the brush after filling the rest of your brow is enough to fluff it up.

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perfect eyebrows

Mistake #4: Using your Concealer Wrong

When we speak of concealer, there are numerous mistakes women in their 30s are making, from choosing the wrong shade, layering too much product, ignoring color correction before concealer, and so on.

The thin skin under the eye becomes more sensitive and prone to discoloration and inflammation as we age; thus, overloading it constantly with too much concealer will only hurt that area further Instead, keep it minimal and distribute it with a brush to evenly blend it into the foundation.

Another over 30 makeup tip to keep your concealer from going grey after a few hours is to use color correcting concealer, which many women in their thirties are unaware of. Color correcting concealer is designed to neutralize skin hyper-pigmentation and imperfections in a way that makes the classic concealer layer over it appear more seamless and natural.

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color correcting concealer

Mistake #5: Heavy Eyeliner

This mistake is particularly frequent among women in their late 30s and early 40s who are still using old-fashion makeup trends from the 1990s; since it’s a big no-no nowadays, especially for daytime looks, you should start making up your mind to get rid of it for forever.

Heavy eyeliner on the upper and lower lash line will seem harsh and too dark against your skin tone, making you appear much older than you are. Not only will it make your eyes look smaller and closed, but it will also attract extra attention to the wrinkles and lines on your upper lid and dark circles around your eyes.

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tight lining the eye

How to fix it? Line your upper lid with a thin line (this technique is called tight lining the eye) and gently thickens at the outer corner of the eye; this is the part that tends to slop as we age; start by drawing a line from the inner corner of your eye and extending it towards the crease to make your eyes appear more alert and fresh. The aim is to elongate and lift the eye into an exotic shape.

If you must use eyeliner, don’t line your bottom lashes unless you’re going for a smokey eye effect, a faint line down the lash line can be applied and blended to soften the harsh impact. Make sure your eyeliner doesn’t get too near to your inner eye corner.

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eyeliner mistakes
5-Makeup-mistakes-women-in-their-30s-should-avoid 5 Makeup mistakes women in their 30's should avoid
5 Makeup mistakes women in their 30’s should avoid

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