Make Your Own Natural Facial Mask By Yourself

Every woman tries to reach to the complete beauty and it can be achieved by caring with her face through using masks to make her face perfect and moist. There are multiple natural recipes for facial masks which you could make by yourself at home using natural materials. Natural facial masks are less expensive than masks which you buy from markets and stores and it may contain chemical materials which may harm your skin.

So, you have the solution to save your skin from harm and make it look moist and clear. There are many problems can women face such as dry skin, signs of acne, oily skin and facial cracks, these problems can be saved by following the instructions of homemade facial masks.


There are three kinds of skins: dry skin, oily skin and combination which presents 70% of women’s skins. To women who suffer from dry skins, use any kind of honey and put it on your face for some minutes then wash your face with warm water also you can make the avocado mask by mashing avocado with baby oil and honey then you’ll feel your skin moist.

You can try the clay mask, just buy it and add some water, put it on your face, but don’t put near by your eyes and after it dries wash your face with warm water.



To whitening your face, you can make the egg white mask and wait till it dries and this will make your skin look glowing. For toning any kind of skin, you can make the yoghurt mask.



The best mask to refresh your skin is to bring 1/4 apple, 1/2 peach, 1/2 tomato, one tablespoon of almond oil and 1/4 cup of milk; first peel the fruits then mash them, add oil and milk and use some heat and after it cools, put a thick layer on your face and leave it at least for 30 minutes.


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