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How to Make a Blog Post Go Viral

Creating a blog post is not difficult and what can be considered as a big problem for you is making your blog posts go viral. You may spend most of your time thinking of the best ways that can allow you to attract the attention to your blog posts because if your posts are not seen, then the blog will be useless for you. There are several ways that are presented to allow you to create a successful blog but you may find that some of them do not work for you while the others can really help you to achieve your goal and make your blog popular. You have to follow a number of steps starting from creating a content to posting it and to help you to know how to do that, we present to you the following tips to make a blog post go viral.


♦ Perfect content: The first and most important thing that you have to do to make your blog post go viral is to create a good content which is really perfect, effective and can attract the attention of the viewers.


♦ Title your post: Use Google Keyword Tool to put your main topics and try to choose from the most popular search terms a good title for your post.


♦ Good pictures: Choose good and catchy pictures for your post and add them next to the key items.


♦ Correct errors: Reread the post that you created to make sure that it is right and well-written. Check for any errors to correct them.


How to promote your blog post and increase its viewers

♦ Promoting your post requires submitting it to different news websites and aggregators such as Reddit, Delicious, Digg, Yahoo Buzz, StumbleUpon and Technorati which is a famous internet search engine for searching blogs.


♦ Make use of the different forums and social networking websites which are visited by a large number of people from different countries around the world to post to them. You can post to Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Google +.

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♦ Images with SEO keywords, comments, social bookmarking, directory submission, press releases and referring to posts on LinkedIn, Yahoo! Answers and Quora are all very important ways for making your blog post go viral.


♦ Try to ask other bloggers to refer to your post by mentioning it on their blogs as it will help you to increase the traffic to your blog and will also boost the viewers of your post.


Following all of these tips allows you to make your blog post go viral and it also helps you to increase the traffic to your blog. 


Lisa Chen

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