Dark Circles: The Best Magical Tricks to Eclipse Scars,Stains

Dark Circles: The Best Magical Tricks to Eclipse Scars, Stains  

Are the imperfections of your face tormenting you? Our makeup artists unveil their strategy to completely hide them.

Prepare your skin

The secret to eclipse imperfections? Prepare the skin. Whatever the problem, the basic rules are always the same. Begin by washing the skin with a soap-free cleanser. Then apply a serum designed for your skin type and imperfections.

Continue with a moisturizing base. You are going to get a silky smooth skin that will be the perfect base for makeup with an exceptional appearance and high hold.


Nothing beats a good conditioner to cover unattractive marks or depigmentation. Although this seems paradoxical, a green or purple corrector will give very nice results! In fact, everything depends on the choice of tone. Use a color corrector diametrically opposite to the one you are trying to cover.

For redness (scars, spots, broken capillaries), use a corrector based on green. Yellow-based products will neutralize blue or mauve spots, such as varicose veins, dark circles or bruises.

The Stila brand offers the Correct & Perfect All-In-One Color Correcting Palette box containing five different color correctors and two compact finishing powders. You can get one-of-a-kind conditioners, such as the BareMinerals lavender face cream DC base to camouflage dark spots.


When you’re dealing with acne, you should start with a green-based complexion suppressant to fight redness, such as the 2-in-1 Correct & Cover Cream Concealer from Physicians Formula.

Continue applying a soothing liquid make-up without using oil with the Sponge Beautyblender. The Clinique corrector contains calming ingredients to reduce redness, and probiotics to strengthen the skin barrier; A sunscreen agent (SPF) and antioxidants protect the skin from environmental attackers.


First, apply an eye creamer such as Shiseido’s Bio-Performance Super Correcting Eye Cream. Tip of pro: if you have puffy eyes, briefly put the cream in the refrigerator: it will refresh you.

For dark blue(dark circles) or purple rings, apply a concealer on dark areas (pink or peach for light coloreds, yellow for olive dyes). Massage it gently with your ring finger.

Do not go too strong, because it could put your wrinkles in evidence and cause wrinkles,”  then apply the foundation and powder.

“At the very end, use a lightening highlighter like the Benefit Eye Bright Instant Illuminator Pencil for the inside and outer corners of your eyes: the effect is magical. You will have a piercing and brilliant look!

Breaking Capillaries

What is the fastest and most effective way to mitigate split capillaries? Start by applying a foundation in the same tone as your skin. Then dab the affected areas with a green corrector: pastel green for lighter skins and olive green for darker skins.

Fix the make-up corrector by putting a small amount of translucent powder, the Makeup For Ever HD Micro-Poudre, for example. “Put very little, because you will have to apply another liquid or creamy product over it,”

Continue with a corrector in a tone that blends with your complexion: again, drop it in small touches to not alter the initial layer. Secure with a light translucent powder.


In the case of scars, lightly dampen the complexion corrector instead of massaging. Start with NYX Green Corrector Stick. Then apply your favorite foundation or beauty balm cream (BB).

Use a concealer brush to put several thin layers of a high coverage cream and thus get the desired level of coverage.

Brown spots

Start by reducing the appearance of brown spots and sun damage with a lightening cream containing SPF that will prevent the appearance of new spots caused by UV rays.

Use a peach color corrector to mask brown spots: apply it directly to them. Then put on a beauty balm (BB) for imperfections, in the same tone as your skin.

“After applying the beauty balm to the skin, use a strong pigmentation corrector on the spots you want to hide, chlorothen apply a corrector that is two tones paler than your skin, followed by a tint that blends with your foundation. Secure with translucent powder.


Melaschloasma) causes the appearance of brown patches on the face and especially on the cheeks, nose, forehead, upper lip and chin.

we recommend a peach or orange color corrector (depending on your complexion), as these colors will neutralize the brown plates. “I use a lip brush: it is durable and easy to handle,”.

For lighter skins, try a pink corrector like Retouching Face Pencil in Light 9 by Bobbi Brown. in medium complements, choose a peach corrector like the Urban Decay Bare Skin Liquid Corrector. “darker skins, take an orange corrector like Smashbox’s Look Less Tired (dark) stick”.

Apply foundation on all skin and concealer and then fix it with translucent powder.

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