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At the end of every week, most of people used to travel or to spend their holidays outdoor in somewhere. Travelling is one of the most favorite hobbies for almost all people; to travel means to explore more places, to know more culture and to enjoy your-self. This Pouted Lifestyle Magazine Travel & Holidays Category deals with the best places where you could travel and visit, the most suitable activities which recommended by Latest Trends that you could make in these places and how to take all the benefits of traveling.

Magnificent and Breathtaking Blue Waves that Glow at Night

It is a magnificent feeling when you look at the sea and its waves at night to find them colored…

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Space Tourism Starts Soon at Affordable Prices through Balloon Trips

We always travel to other places to refresh ourselves and to escape from what we live in whether it is…

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Be Careful! Deadly Jellyfish That Can Kill You While Swimming

Most of the people enjoy spending their time in hot weather on the beach to get a suntan and to…

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Top 10 Greatest Countries to Retire

What are the best international retirement destinations? As a retiree, there are too many places around the world to which…

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15 Travel Tips You Have to Know to Enjoy Your Holiday

It is important to prepare yourself for what you may encounter while traveling. You have to know what you may…

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The Remotest Bathroom in the World, Do You Know Where Is It?

We usually need a bathroom which is near us to be able to easily use it because if it is…

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Have You Ever Seen Breathtaking & Weird Bridges Like These Before?

Bridges are usually used for crossing from one side to another but in fact there are bridges that are built…

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The World’s 15 Scariest Bridges that Will Freeze Your Heart

Nothing is more terrifying than being at a high place, so what about walking while you are high in the…

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“Festival of Lights” Enchants the Hearts in the Galleria During the Holiday Season

The Galleria on Al Maryah Island is one of the most famous places in Abu Dhabi and is considered to be…

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Did You Throw Your Christmas Tree? If It Is Not, Don’t Do This

How can you make use of your Christmas tree? Pine tree which is commonly known as Christmas tree is not…

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