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At the end of every week, most of people used to travel or to spend their holidays outdoor in somewhere. Travelling is one of the most favorite hobbies for almost all people; to travel means to explore more places, to know more culture and to enjoy your-self. This Pouted Lifestyle Magazine Travel & Holidays Category deals with the best places where you could travel and visit, the most suitable activities which recommended by Latest Trends that you could make in these places and how to take all the benefits of traveling.

Top 10 Awesome Jobs Where You Can Travel

Do you like travelling to different places around the world? Do you want to discover more about the other countries,…

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Top 15 Strangest Traditions & Customs People Have

Discovering more information about the traditions and habits of people from around the world is one of the most interesting…

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Top 20 Strangest Things that Have Been Banned in Countries

Most of the things that are banned by governments are those ones that may harm people and lead to catastrophic…

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What Is the Importance of the Magnificent Coral Reefs?

The sea is full of treasures and magnificent things that make you enjoy your time under water and even living…

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What Whipsnade Zoo Leaves Its Animals to Do!

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is commonly referred to as Whipsnade Zoo and was known before as Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Whipsnade…

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Best 10 Labor Day Ideas for Family

Labor Day is one of the official holidays that are celebrated in different countries around the world and the day…

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Memorial Day 2018 Party Ideas … [UPDATED]

Memorial Day is one of the most important federal holidays that we celebrate in the United States. This federal holiday…

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55 Most Fascinating & Weird Roads Like These Before?

Are you used to seeing and driving on traditional and boring roads? It is almost impossible to find a straight…

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Top 30 World’s Weirdest Hotels … Never Seen Before!

Constructing any hotel and presenting all the needed amenities is based on the guests who will stay at the hotel…

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Adventure Travel Tips to Enjoy the Most Exciting Trip in Your Life

Traveling is one of the best solutions for escaping from the routine life that we live and the problems that…

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