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At the end of every week, most of people used to travel or to spend their holidays outdoor in somewhere. Travelling is one of the most favorite hobbies for almost all people; to travel means to explore more places, to know more culture and to enjoy your-self. This Pouted Lifestyle Magazine Travel & Holidays Category deals with the best places where you could travel and visit, the most suitable activities which recommended by Latest Trends that you could make in these places and how to take all the benefits of traveling.

History of Skydiving: The Ultimate Thrill

There is nothing like the feeling of traveling towards earth at speeds of up to 200Km/h from a height that…

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Top 10 Things to Do in Prague Evenings

Prague, nicknamed as “The City of Hundred Spires” offers you much more than its Old Town Square, historical exhibits, Renaissance…

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Preparing Your Entire Family For An Upcoming Vacation

  Getting away from your responsibilities and allowing your family to tag along is a great idea. Just remember that…

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Top 10 Tips to Learn German Fast While You’re in Berlin

If you are planning to stay or you already are in a foreign country, the best thing to do is…

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4 Exclusive Tips To Get Most Out of New York on a Budget

Heading to New York? Good choice. The Big Apple is one of the world’s most popular tourist destinations and with…

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8 Reasons Why Your Next Holiday Should be a Cruise

If you’re planning your next holiday, have you got a cruise on your list of options? If not, why not? Cruise…

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Modern Mapping Solutions to Save Time & Reduce Stress

Do you like travelling and visiting new places all over the world? If you are one of those who like…

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20 Places to Explore for an Enchanting Holiday

People love to travel and explore the diverse cultures, delicious cuisines, rich heritage and history, and much more when they…

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New Year around the World.. One Event, Various Traditions

Nothing beats the joy of traveling, seeing new thing and getting introduced to different cultures and old traditions. Thanks to…

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3 Ways to Enjoy Nature Without Getting Dirty

Some people love the idea of roughing it. They want to sleep in tiny tents on tiny mattresses and feel…

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