Technology plays an important role in our life; it is founded in almost everything that surrounds us. Technology participates in every part in our life; and we use all the time and everywhere too (at work, computers, mobile phones, printers and other devices). When you enter your home, directly you will find the technology while watching your television or using your tablet. This Pouted Technology Trends is divided into many sections including the latest and new in robotics, web hosting and software.

Top 10 Outdated Technologies Will Be Used Till 2018

With the scientific and technological progress in most areas in our contemporary life, and the extensive use of technology, with…

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Meet Grolltex: A Company Out to Change the Future

Graphene sheets are incredible new innovations that will change everything from how we generate energy to how we interact with…

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7 Most Common Furnace & heating Problems

Gas furnaces are large box-shaped appliances that ultimately aim to warm your place in cold winters. The furnace does the…

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Enjoy Recording High-Quality Gameplay Videos Using Movavi Game Capture

Do you like video games? Do you want to capture videos of your gameplay? What do you think of recording…

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Top 6 Gadgets For The Ultimate Connected Home

The new and improved automated\smart home would never have been possible without the introduction of the electric 12v actuators, something…

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Samsung Charger skus for Galaxy Phones

Before phones were invented, man was able to communicate effectively with people he could see. Communication was limited to the…

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Is Social CRM the turning Point in Social Media Marketing We Have All Been Waiting for?

Social media is the bread and butter of some marketing agencies and communication agencies. In a world dominated by big…

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4 Parenting Tips for Non-Tech Savvy Parents

The technology has made younger generation more tech-savvy than their parents. Therefore, when kids and teens use tech gadgets and…

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Hostinger Review [Pros & Cons]: Affordability Combined with Quality Services

Web hosting is a branch of the Internet service. It enables individuals and organizations to have their own websites on…

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10 Reasons & Plugins Factors for Better Website Performance

Considering that plugins are must haves for websites due to its immense versatility and abilities to enhance the default functionalities…

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