Technology plays an important role in our life; it is founded in almost everything that surrounds us. Technology participates in every part in our life; and we use all the time and everywhere too (at work, computers, mobile phones, printers and other devices). When you enter your home, directly you will find the technology while watching your television or using your tablet. This Pouted Technology Trends is divided into many sections including the latest and new in robotics, web hosting and software.

Microsoft Releases Its New Windows 8.1

After releasing Windows 8, Microsoft decided to improve it and release what is better and has more new features which…

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iOS 7 as the Most Advanced Mobile OS in the World

iOS 7 is considered to be the best and most advanced mobile operating system in the world since it helps…

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Google Offers Nexus 4 at an Incredible Price

Nexus 4 is the latest phone that is released by Google and it is well-manufactured. It is 4.7 inches and…

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What Are the Best Android Phones?!!! Try to Guess

Android is an advanced operating system that is especially designed for different mobile devices with touchscreens such as smartphones and…

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How to Remotely Monitor Your Computer and Record ALL Keystrokes Using “Max keylogger”?

How to protect your children from a dangerous monster called the internet if you are parents? How to protect your…

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How to Fix Windows Errors and Optimize PC using “Smart PC Fixer”?

How many times did you turn on your PC to find that there is a problem? How many times did…

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Discover your iPad with “ipad Video Lessons”

When you buy new products specially electronic ones, the first thing that you look for, after seeing your new product,…

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35 Amazing Robo Lamps for Your Children’s Room

Most of the new inventions concentrate on developing robots to provide human beings with the needed comfort and it seems…

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How do Robo-Bugs Look Like?

Everyday we discover something new about technology that always comes to fascinate us and make us feel that we really…

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What Can Humanoid Robots Do?!

Robots have been developed from just ordinary machines that are programmed to follow specific instructions and perform certain actions to…

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