Here at Pouted design trends magazine , we are going to reveal works of creative people. the design means to convent, plan or to create a system or an object that will benefit people.

This art of design has its professionals who are called designers. Those designers are interested in creating various designs trends, in many fields which include graphics, home ware, installations, jewelry, lighting, products, transport, and watches.

Learn How to Make Wooden Jewelry on Your Own Designs..

The Wooden jewelry; it is a different type of jewels which is more fashionable and simple. It is jewelry made…

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Google Glasses a “keyboard” on The Wrist

“Google” America’s Company recorded a┬áleading research and Internet technologies and services patented new, related Bnzartha realism, which allows projection of…

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Why Neon Watches Are Great?

The neon watches are a good solution for people who are running, playing sports or playing football and want to…

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Screen Image Leak From Sony Suggest the Emergence of a New Device Size 6.44

Fashion seems to be “Phone Tablet” or Phablet will include larger devices, where leaked today hint at the presence of…

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Samsung Will Develope Galaxy Note Tablet 8-inch at MWC Show

Annual exhibition MWC Mobile in Brchillon became fixed station to unveil new hardware, and it looks like we will see…

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Electronic Fish to Collect Information on Lake And River

A group of American researchers of the University of Michigan electronic devise a fish, ┬ácan swim long distances, and collect…

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Pictures Leaked to The Interface HTC Sense 5 Awaited

Pictures leaked to the interface HTC Sense 5 awaited All waiting for the next big HTC phone and who will…

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The Most Beautiful 10 Swimming Pools and Luxury Homes in The World

The newspaper “Daily Telegraph” on Wednesday report and an exhibition of photographs, which included a list of the most beautiful…

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