Here at Pouted design trends magazine , we are going to reveal works of creative people. the design means to convent, plan or to create a system or an object that will benefit people.

This art of design has its professionals who are called designers. Those designers are interested in creating various designs trends, in many fields which include graphics, home ware, installations, jewelry, lighting, products, transport, and watches.

Do You Believe That There Are Cameras Which Can Be Swallowed

Technology always provides us with what is new and useful. It facilitates our life and comforts us. In the field…

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Most Popular Means Of Transportations in Different Countries

Transportation or transport it is a term means to move people, goods or animals from one place to another one.…

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15 Amazing Wall Clocks Will Be Pieces Of Art In Your Home

When you are going to choose a wall clock, don’t feel confused; just you have to choose it carefully as…

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Hypnotic Lamps And How It Can Make You Fall Asleep..!!

The hypnotic lamp, according to its name we can know about its job. Hypnotic lamp is a lamp differs from…

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Surprising and Magical Translator Pens For Readers and Students

It is very important and necessary for us to read specially foreign books in order to increase our knowledge and…

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Choosing The Perfect Chandelier

Chandeliers are beautiful devices which can add an amazing look to any room where it placed if you choose it…

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A New Generation of Wristwatches That Detect Stress

          All of us suffer from stress along the day. You are stressed in your work…

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TOP 10 Most Expensive Laptops in The World

Using laptops has recently become very common among people in different countries around the world. They are used by different…

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Best 25 Creative Clock Ideas

Clocks are very important device that make us organize our daily events. They are invented long time ago, however they…

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Top Jewelry Trends That will Amaze YOU!

In the beginning of every year, there are lists of new trends in jewelry or accessories, these lists are derived…

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