Here at Pouted design trends magazine , we are going to reveal works of creative people. the design means to convent, plan or to create a system or an object that will benefit people.

This art of design has its professionals who are called designers. Those designers are interested in creating various designs trends, in many fields which include graphics, home ware, installations, jewelry, lighting, products, transport, and watches.

White & Yellow Gold, Which One Is the Best?

We know that gold is available in different colors as there is yellow gold, white gold, rose or pink gold…

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25 Victorian Jewelry Designs Reflect Wealth & Beauty

Victorian jewelry belongs to the Victorian era during the reign of Queen Victoria and it differs from other types of…

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Tsavorite as a Strong Competitor to Emerald

Tsavorite is a small gemstone that is also known as tsavolite. The name of this gemstone is derived from the…

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30 Everlasting & Affordable Stainless Steel Jewelry

Stainless steel jewelry has recently become one of the most common types of jewelry that is preferred by many women…

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27 Ideas Bring a New Life to Your Shoes by Adding Shoe Clips & Charms

Sometimes, we may feel that the shoes which we have are boring and not fashionable even if they were not…

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Pink Topaz Jewelry as a Romantic Gift

Most of the women love pink topaz for its fascinating color although it is not the original color and is…

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Express Your Love by Presenting Monogram Jewelry

There are many gift ideas of which you can make use to be able to choose the most suitable gift…

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Top 25 Breathtaking & Stylish Leather Jewelry Pieces

There are many people who prefer wearing the jewelry pieces which are made of leather and they feel that these…

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Look Fashionable by Layering Your Jewelry

Wearing jewelry is one of the necessities that can increase the beauty of any woman, make her catchier and reflect…

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Let’s Discover Jewelry Secrets about Gold & Diamonds

We usually wear different jewelry pieces which are made of gold and other precious metals without having enough information about…

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