Pouted architecture category showing all the interesting works of establishing, designing and constructing which may come to our minds directly. Architecture is a science of planning, designing and constructing decorations, symbols, areas, communities or buildings. The art of architecture has its professionals who are specialized in designing areas, buildings or communities. It is a wide field that includes many architecture trends such as educational (schools, institutions, universities), industrial (factories, garage), infrastructure (communities, areas, bridges, streets), landscape (gardens, open areas), skyscrapers, public and leisure. This category deals with everything related to architecture from the materials, planning, designing till constituting.

Top 10 Ways to Ask Dumb Questions

Sometimes we are pressed by the need to ask basic questions about information that we have slipped during our learning…

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Top 10 Most Adventurous Women in the World

Before the modern age, female sex were not described as adventurous or courageous. They were only trying to fight for…

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Top 10 Tallest Persons of the World

Having an advantage of being taller than your peers is sometimes a benefit and other times not. People who looks…

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Top 10 Most Mysterious People in the History

If you have a detective-like inclination, passion for mystery and love for tracking the unknown then you got in the…

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Top 10 Biggest Castles in History

Castles were known to humanity in the middle ages where they were built mainly in Europe and the middle eastern…

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Top 10 Most Ancient India Artifacts Ever

The tenth powerful country economically, India is known for a long and rich history. Unlike many countries, like Turkey for…

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Top 10 Most Ancient Ruins in Turkey

Turkey is one of the powerful countries that is diligently trying to make it to the top. As a transcontinental…

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Top 10 Most Ancient Lost Cities in the World

The effort of archaeologists is rewarded when they experience the euphoria storm that winds at the moment of making a…

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Top 10 Richest Presidents in the World

Many lists tried to categorize the fortunes of presidents all over the world. The most credible among them is that…

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Top 10 Women Scientists You Should Know

Actually this essay should have been called “Women Deceived” The female sex as a whole has mental powers that they…

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