Pouted architecture category showing all the interesting works of establishing, designing and constructing which may come to our minds directly. Architecture is a science of planning, designing and constructing decorations, symbols, areas, communities or buildings. The art of architecture has its professionals who are specialized in designing areas, buildings or communities. It is a wide field that includes many architecture trends such as educational (schools, institutions, universities), industrial (factories, garage), infrastructure (communities, areas, bridges, streets), landscape (gardens, open areas), skyscrapers, public and leisure. This category deals with everything related to architecture from the materials, planning, designing till constituting.

Top 15 Most Expensive Celebrity Homes

Most of us care about the celebrities and the way they live their lives. We want to know all the…

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Top 10 Most Expensive Cities in The World

Although the world suffers from many financial problems and economic crises that affect people around the world and the standard…

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What Are The Best 15 Skyscrapers in the World?

   Each  country is featured with some characteristics that attract tourists towards it and each state has its tourist destinations.…

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Top 3D Architecture Modeling

Architecture is the science that allows an architect to design castles, cathedrals, houses, apartments, companies, factories and other buildings or physical…

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REAL Eggs inside the eggs

Wilson  decided to take a picture during frying the egg,as he think  it contains more than yolks, because it’s a…

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Video| The Most Fortunate People on Earth Narrowly Escape Death

One moment between life and death of these people who appear on  this videotape miraculously accident that nearly killed their…

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After Wrapping Around Fin Fishing Hook.. Dolphin Request Assistance from Properties

Dolphins are the smartest animals in nature as it possesses its own language to communicate with each other and also…

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$ 4.2 Million for Batman Car

A man from Arizona fond of the character Batman cart used by these personal in the famous TV he bought…

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Barack Obama worked as a carpenter

Barack Obama worked as a carpenter in one of the schools .. And admire the story of hair of his…

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