Pouted architecture category showing all the interesting works of establishing, designing and constructing which may come to our minds directly. Architecture is a science of planning, designing and constructing decorations, symbols, areas, communities or buildings. The art of architecture has its professionals who are specialized in designing areas, buildings or communities. It is a wide field that includes many architecture trends such as educational (schools, institutions, universities), industrial (factories, garage), infrastructure (communities, areas, bridges, streets), landscape (gardens, open areas), skyscrapers, public and leisure. This category deals with everything related to architecture from the materials, planning, designing till constituting.

25 Amazing Libraries From All Over The World

Library is the place where you go to become more cultured or to get some information about something urgent or…

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17 Cities With Most Skyscrapers In The World

Skyscrapers became one of the most visible landmarks which indicate to the nation’s development and progress; there are some cities…

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12 Of The Most Modernist Railway Stations In The World

Railway station is the place where the train stops to collect and to deposit passengers. It is the place where…

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$90-$900 for a Ticket to Attend the 2014 FIFA World Cup Matches

The 2014 FIFA World Cup is one of the most important sporting events in the whole world since it is…

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The Countdown to Sochi 2014 Winter Olympics Has Started

The 2014 Winter Olympics is one of the most important events that are going to take place in 2014. This…

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70 Stunning & Thrilling Photos for the Biggest Waves Ever Surfed

Surfing waves is one of the most interesting water sports that allows you to enjoy your time in summer and…

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14 Images Of The Largest Swimming Pool In The World

Swimming pool is the place where you could find entertainment through swimming, playing or jacuzzi. It is the suitable place…

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What Is The Importance of Virtual Desktop Infrastructure?

There are many companies that suffer from the problem of managing applications which are downloaded on the computers of the…

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18 Most Unique Bridges Of The World

Bridges all over the world are different in designs, uses and architecture. Bridges are means which help us to move…

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Top 10 Serial Killers in the World

A serial killer is the one who is responsible for killing more than one person at different times and not…

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