Pouted architecture category showing all the interesting works of establishing, designing and constructing which may come to our minds directly. Architecture is a science of planning, designing and constructing decorations, symbols, areas, communities or buildings. The art of architecture has its professionals who are specialized in designing areas, buildings or communities. It is a wide field that includes many architecture trends such as educational (schools, institutions, universities), industrial (factories, garage), infrastructure (communities, areas, bridges, streets), landscape (gardens, open areas), skyscrapers, public and leisure. This category deals with everything related to architecture from the materials, planning, designing till constituting.

Why Is the Sand Cat the Strongest Cat on Earth?

The sand cat is also called the sand dune cat and you can also say “the strongest cat on earth”.…

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New Facts You Don’t Know about the Legend of the Phoenix

Do you like reading more about legends and mythological creatures that were common during the ancient times? Although legends were…

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How Can the Chameleon Change Its Color?

Chameleon is also known as chamaeleon and can be found in about 180 species that differ in their colors. Chameleon…

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“ Canary” The Bird of Kings, Rich People & Miners

Is there anybody who does not like the canary birds? They are among the most beautiful birds that are created…

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Is the Red Panda a Cat, Bear or Raccoon?

The red panda is also known as the red cat-bear and lesser panda but the most common name that is…

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Strange Facts about the Most Beautiful Bird on Earth “Flamingo”

Flamingos, flamingoes or the most beautiful birds on earth, you can call them whatever you want. People differ in the…

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Is It “Sea Lions Or Sea Bears” You Have to Decide

Sea lions are among the mammals that live in the sea and they belong to the eared seals. They are…

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Are Lemurs Ghosts, Monkeys Or Just Strange Creatures?

What are the lemurs? Are they monkeys, ghosts and spirits or just strange creatures that exist in this world? Let’s…

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Is Cheetah Going to Be Extinct & Disappear from Our Life?

Cheetah is biologically classified as a large feline or as it is commonly and informally known “big cat”. It lives…

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What Whipsnade Zoo Leaves Its Animals to Do!

ZSL Whipsnade Zoo is commonly referred to as Whipsnade Zoo and was known before as Whipsnade Wild Animal Park. Whipsnade…

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