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M2Host.com Review (Pros, Cons, Reliability & Support Reviews)

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 About M2Host Company:

M2Host was established in 2005 to provide affordable, easy, helpful and reliable web hosting solutions. Today, they have grown to become one of the leaders in the industry with their straightforward and advanced solutions.

M2Host create services to meet everyone’s requirements, because their goal is to provide customers with a hosting experience that is rewarding, easy and pleasant. With fast sites, excellent customer service and powerful tools, customers can create and maintain websites with ease. Find out more in the following review.


M2Host.com Review

 Services and Features of M2Host:

M2Host.com services and products include:

Windows and Linux Shared Hosting Plans for a low starting price of $1 per month, but still packed with a host of features. These plans include applications like Drupal, WordPress, phpBB Forum; ASP.Net, ASP & MySql; over 100 free scripts and much more.

Windows and Linux Reseller Hosting Plans come with many free features such as an online site builder with over 600 ready-to-use professional web templates; private name servers and more.

Other services include Domain Registration, Linux and Windows Virtual Private Servers, Linux and Windows Dedicated Servers, Web Design, SSL Certificates, Dedicated / Static IP Address.


 Some of the Main Features:

  • Unlimited Web Space
  • Unlimited MySQL Databases
  • Unlimited Bandwidth
  • Unlimited Email Accounts
  • Free Fantastico Deluxe Script Installer
  • FREE Site Builder
  • Free Domain Registrar Reseller Account
  • Free PHP Script
  • Frontpage Support
  • Dedicated IP Addresses
  • Plesk Control Panel
  • WHM/cPanel Control Panel
  • Full Admin Access
  • Remote Desktop
  • Fully Managed VPS
  • OS Commerce Cart/Agora Shopping Cart/Cube Cart
  • 24/7 Support


 Advantages of M2Host:

Affordable hosting plans with a wealth of free products and features. All with the right tools for you to get your website up and running in minutes, register and renew your domains and much more.

You can get money back after 30 days on all hosting plans if you are not satisfied with the services.

With the latest hardware, dedicated staff monitoring and reliable servers, you are guaranteed 99.9% uptime during any one year period.

You will not have issues with going over bandwidth limit or disk space management, since everything is unlimited.


 Guarantees of M2Host:

M2Host.com provides 30 day money back and 99.9% uptime guarantees.


 M2Host USER Reviews:

m2host user reviews


  Reliability Review Of M2Host:

M2Host maintains a private data center facility in Chicago USA with all their servers. This facility boasts everything that is necessary to ensure that all internet operations are functioning at the utmost performance levels. This company uses top quality dual quad core servers with 12 GB of RAM; high-performance hard drives with Raid 10 for data security and increased speed; highly redundant network connectivity; multiple power feeds; UPS backup systems and more.

M2Host.com also have systems in place for 24/7 monitoring of power, environmental factors, network connectivity, generator status and critical ports/services including POP3, FTP, SMTP, HTTP, SSH and HTTPS. All equipments are selected with care to ensure maximum performance and uptime.


  What I Didn’t Like In M2Host:

Service is not bad overall, but there have been far too many issues with downtime.


  M2Host Support Review:

You can get 24/7 support via email and live chat, plus there is also telephone, knowledgebase, support ticket and FAQs.


  M2Host Coupons, Offers Or Deals if available:

Currently, you can buy any of the shared hosting plans and save $12, plus get a free domain name.

Any available M2Host coupon codes or special offers will be advertised on their website homepage.


  Conclusion of These M2Host Reviews:

Overall, M2Host.com is offering affordable and reliable solutions all of which is backed by excellent support and lots of features.

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  1. M2host is unbelievably easy to use. Idon’t know much about hosting or computers, but I can tell you that thewhole process of purchasing a plan and setting up your site is unbelievably simple with M2host.

  2. I have 2 months waiting for my money… their money back Guarantee IS A LIE!!! is fraud… I paod for a domain with free hosting.. but 2 weeks later, the domain was still unregistered and someone else did it… we lost our domain… we ask for money back in february and we are still waiting for

  3. M2host.com offered me a lot lower price that I was getting for hosting at the time. That persuaded me to give them a try, the features persuaded me to stick around.

    They have a lot of powerful features that are easy to use and their tech support staff is great.

  4. M2Host is a SCAM !!!!

    Beware people, I didn’t read any reviews before I joined. I paid last week and haven’t heard from them since. I’ve submitted about 10 cancel and refund my money tickets but no reply. I then started to read reviews and there are a ton of people that they have ripped off!

    I read somewhere else that they collect your data through emails which really scares me.

  5. I think the thing that most impressed me is all the employees of m2host own part of the company, it’s their company and I know if I owned part of a company I would want the company to do well. I really impressed.

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