Lush Lighting – 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

Indoor lighting is easier to decide on than outdoor lighting for a number of reasons.

Firstly, there is a purpose to fulfill – lighting an entire room with as few lights as possible – and secondly, there are plenty of options for all kinds of colors, shapes, brightnesses, and bulbs. This makes buying lights for the interior of your house relatively easy, and it makes finding the right source of luminescence for your outdoor areas all the more challenging and fun.

This could mean you use Havit lighting to throw light upon the wall from a low vantage point, or maybe you have some cool blue lighting for your back yard area. To help with this aesthetic decision, we have put together 5 tips for lighting your outdoor spaces, in the hopes that it illuminates the path ahead for you.

Lighting-Your-Outdoor-Spaces Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces


For a covered deck area, skylights are a great way to let the light in and keep the weather out.

It could be pouring rain or scorching hot, but most roofs over decking will keep out everything including the light. Have a hole cut in your roofing over your deck and place perspex or acrylic over the holes, sealing it where needed to keep water out, and all of a sudden you have a weather-proof skylight keeping your outdoor area well lit on those well-shaded lunches.

Skylights-Lighting-outdoor Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

 Hidden Lights 

Hiding lights behind things within your outdoor areas is a stylish and subtle approach to lighting the area, and as long as your outdoor space has lots of items in it, you’ll have lots of optional hiding spaces. Behind a plant in the corner is a great choice, as it makes a feature of the plant itself and lights up the area around it while hiding a long LED bar along the top of a rafter in a deck setting can be very effective at completely lighting an area with a seemingly invisible light source.

Hidden-Lights-Lighting-outdoor-675x359 Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces


A third, less subtle option to very effectively light up an entire yard is to put floodlights in.

A floodlight can sit atop a fence or be mounted on the corner of a house and light an entire yard with a single globe, and is a great way to make a party extend out onto the grass. Your barbecues and dinners outdoors can be brightly lit, and as an added bonus the bugs can be drawn away from your food by the light itself.

Floodlights-Lighting-outdoor-675x401 Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

 Fairy Lights 

Fairy lights have long since left the realm of the Christmas tree behind, and now make themselves useful wherever gentle lighting is needed. Outdoor lighting can be harsh at times, and sometimes a softer glow is needed to appropriately illuminate an area, which is where fairy lights belong. Available in a variety of colors and brightnesses, they are the perfect addition to a sleepy summer porch evening.

Fairy-Lights-Lighting-outdoor-675x675 Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces


Last, but certainly not least, is the fire torch.

Fire torches are the original lighting option, having been around for thousands of years, and modern-day torches outstrip their ancient counterparts by a long-shot. Light up your outdoor area with torches and you do not only get a lighting source that isn’t dependant on an electrical energy source, but you get one that keeps bugs away too. Torches are the answer to the mosquito problem your dinner parties have been suffering from for too long now, and picking up a set won’t break the bank either.

Torches-Lighting-outdoor-675x1011 Lush Lighting - 5 Tips for Lighting Your Outdoor Spaces

These are all wonderful ways to light your outdoor area, and the best part is that they aren’t mutually exclusive. Get out there and try combinations to find exactly what you need for your unique outdoor space.

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