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Is Lunarpages Web Hosting Company Still in The Top Hosting Reviews?!

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About LunarPages Company:

Lunarpages hosting has been offering internet solutions since 1998. They are one of the established web hosting providers today with clients all over the world. With state of the art and fully optimized data centers in across the United States, this company strives to offer effective services to everyone.

This hosting company has tailored accessible and innovative solutions for individuals, small businesses as well as established leaders in the industry. They also design and manage efficient and integrated hosting tools that can help webmasters at all levels to successfully design, build, design, optimize and market their projects easily and intelligently. This company also embraces the latest technology although they are using green facilities.

LunarPages Services & Features Review:

This web hosting company offers Basic Lunarpages Web Hosting; Business Web Hosting; LunarPages VPS Web Hosting; Hosted Exchange; Windows Web Hosting and Dedicated Hosting Services.

The basic Lunar Pages hosting plan provides secure, fast and reliable services to persons with personal websites, blogs, web projects and small to medium size businesses. Windows and Linux Lunarpages VPS hosting is the solution for heavy traffic websites which require more usage and resources. There are currently six Lunarpages dedicated hosting plans offered along with customized solutions for those webmasters with superior needs. You can conduct a research to learn more about the available services.

Lunarpages Reviews

Additional Features:

•    Unlimited website storage
•    Unlimited bandwidth monthly
•    MySQL databases
•    Add-on/Sub domains
•    FTP accounts
•    Parked domains
•    Domain name registrations
•    Unlimited e-mail accounts/forwarding/auto responders
•    Secure Outlook Web Access
•    Blackberry Server
•    Webmail

Why Lunarpages Hosting is Recommended?

LunarPages hosting provides many marketing tools such as vouchers for Facebook ads or Google AdWords.

They use CPanel to allow customers to have control over many functions such as MySQL databases; email accounts; custom error messages; chat rooms; sub domains; free CGI scripts; search engine submission and much more.

Lunarpages Guarantees:

Lunarpages hosting guarantees that customers can get 99.9% Uptime and money back guarantee for 30 days.

Lunarpages Reliability Review:

This hosting company has dedicated most of their resources to ensure that customers are provided with the best reliability in the market. Customers can depend on a world-class data center that is supplying the highest level of safety, security, redundancy, scalability, technology and reliability. In addition, an Active Response Protocol system is used to constantly monitor the servers for outages and attacks.

What I Don’t Like in LunarPages?

Although Lunarpages offer streamlined services, there are still some issues involving the limited processing abilities of the servers even with the unlimited space for shared accounts.

LunarPages Customer Support Review:

Lunarpages is well-known for providing superior technical Lunar Pages support to customers. All customers can expect friendly and fast responses via 24/7 toll free phone number, email Lunarpages support, discussion forum, support ticket system, live chat, FAQ and flash media tutorials.

** Final Conclusion:

From this Lunarpages Hosting Review, it’s obvious that this company is offering reliable solutions which are backed by a knowledgeable technical support team and high level facilities.

They definitely comes highly recommended if you are looking for reliable service with money back guarantee and excellent uptime, so you cannot lose if you decide to give them try.

Lunarpages Coupon Codes (Discount):

Lunarpages is currently offering FREE domain registration in the first year. Credit is also available for existing pre-paid packages when a site is transferred to their company.

Lunarpages launching their promotion Lunarpages coupon code discount offers from time to time. And for a limited time, you can continue to enjoy their hosting, at unbelievable low prices. Sign up 12 months or 24 months to entitle for this special offer.

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  1. As an experienced webmaster I recommend Lunarpages service which I am sure it would work and fulfill all expected requirements.

    They have a really great offer for hosting & I’ve used them for over 4 yrs now hosting over 20 sites with them (on a single account), and have never had a single problem with them.

  2. I rarely review companies but I’ve been using lunarpages for several years now and I love their service.

    Their customer support is one of the best in the industry. Their features are always expanding and improving.
    And their president even regularly updates a forum to let you know what’s going on at the company.
    Their price is extremely competitive and unless something really bad happens in the near future, I will be sticking with lunarpages for a long time to come.

  3. I have been setting up a series of Websites for a local high school’s sports teams, and some of the things I need to be able to do are new for me. Since I purchased the domain names and began developing the sites, I have had to contact Lunar Pages via phone several times. It has got to be the best customer support in the business, because it can’t get any better. Support personnel are patient, thorough and knowledgeable. They resolved my problems quickly and made sure I had everything I needed before they canceled the chat.
    The tools available are sophisticated. I truly could not ask for more in a host. I’m thrilled that I just happened on their site the day I purchased 14 new domain names that needed a home!

  4. Lunarpages has help and phone support. I had a few problems with my old provider and the helpdesk advised me what to do. They transferred my websites without any problems. Good service, the way you want it. I can only say lunarpages keep up the good work!

  5. Well I have been using lunarpages from last 2-3 years and I’m very happy with their services. They are very helpful people if you are in trouble.

    We bought the domain and hosting and the billing was so easy and smooth that we didn’t even get to know when were we billed and that was so impressive .

    Regarding the account: Any changes whatsoever in the domains are immediately emailed to the email account we used for registration.

    They are having very reliable and fast servers. My site is running very smoothly and never have major problem in last 2 years.

    So I highly recommended lunarpages services !!

  6. this a very good company, not the best tough but it has its ups and downs like every other one
    but it is very reputable

  7. The bottom line… They do what they say they are going to do as advertised. I’m almost never down, customer service picks up the phone with intelligent voices on the other end of the line, no latency issues, my BBS uploaded easily… the list goes on.
    One of my guys needed to upload our BBS software (yet to be launched). The folks at Lunarpages made the upload and install a seamless process. Within 20 minutes, the BBS was functional. Terrific Value!

  8. In all of my 4 years experience with Lunarpages, I’ve never been let down by their phone support or their web support. Some of them have even went beyond their call of duty to help me debug my websites and code.

    I’ve also only recieved one instance of downtime ever in 2 years, in which someone DDoS attacked someone using the same server as I. They fixed it immediatly, and within 2 hours my site was well again.

    Their prices are pretty good too, matching other competitors and beating them most of the time.

  9. Now about Lunar Pages, Yes I am still with them after a good month operation and I like them a lot.They are very helpful and I got many things that where impossible with another CPANEL hosting provider. Like,I can have the root folder of the main domain also in a sub-folder of the /public_html/ There where some other things they gladly solved for me without any nagging or complaint.

    Also their support is great. Not as fast as I would like but in general within a few hours. Also their forum is useful. In the beginning there was a server configuration error that gave lots of problems after they transferred my account to another server but after those were solved it is painless!!!! Server performance is good for this kind of hosting with average speeds about 20 times faster than my previously used servage.
    Many times I get load times of under 0.5 seconds on a zencart webshop. Mailservers work as expected and without problems. FTP works as you might expect. Some of the help info in the knowledge base needs an update but most of it is right and support people are very cooperative. I really am a Lunar Pages fan now.

  10. I’ve been with Lunarpages for 5 years now, and they are the best host among the one’s I have tried. The problem with most others is that thay are OK in the beginning, but within a couple of years their service-level declines drastically. With Lunarpages this has never happened. Even now when they are hosting over 150.000 customers, their level remains good.
    They recently switched me to a new server, and during the first couple of days I did experience some downtime, but their tech-support responded to my tickets promptly, and all glitches were ironed out, and now I have a faster response time on my site. I have nothing but good to say about these guys, and I have had no trouble with getting quick answers from tech or customer support for any issues I’ve had. I would recommend Lunarpages to anyone, and this is based on my 5-year positive experience.

  11. I considered many different hosts before choosing Lunarpages. None of the ones I looked at could match Lunarpages low price. They provide all the services you ever need, a very clean easy to use admin control panel and all the space/bandwidth you will ever need. This is my 3rd year on Lunarpages and so far there has been no downtime that I am aware of. I highly recommend this host.

  12. Last summer I moved from a VPS I had for 9 years with OLM to a dedicated server with lunarpages. I had assisted with my first server transfer to OLM, but this time I was all on my own and It could not have gone more smooth. The dedicated server has CPanel, documentation was really easy to find, and no minor hangups from weird config issues.

    On rating would be all 5 but havent needed support or customer service so i gave those 4, and for price, you always want it for a little less.

    They are Perfect for the average web developer.

  13. I have been with many hosts over the past 5 years or so and have found that there is just one host I always live by and that is Lunarpages, they provide around the clock customer support 24/7 and always solve any issues I may be having.

    You get an amazing amount of bandwidth and disk space for the money you pay which is great value for money.

    I think I would suggest Lunarpages to anyone starting out or even for those who take web building more seriously.

  14. I’ve been using LunarPages for a little over a year now and the features you get for such a low price tag are amazing. You don’t ever have to worry about going over your bandwidth limit, as there really isn’t one (unless you pull in MASSIVE amounts of traffic). Couple that with very reasonable levels of storage to choose from and a Cpanel with more features than you will probably ever use, you won’t find a better host for the price.
    The reliability has been amazing as well. In the year or so that I’ve had my site hosted with this company, I’ve only experienced downtimes during the scheduled maintenance periods, which take place at obscure hours of the day so they can disrupt their customers as little as possible. They also often run specials where you can sign up for multiple years for a slightly reduced price, which I opted for when registering my account.

    I really haven’t found anything that I dislike about LunarPages.

  15. Month period is 99.96% uptime. according to domaintools.com there are 820-some other domains (i realize this isn’t end-all be-all accurate) so either i’ve totally lucked out or the machine i am on runs very efficiently.

    support:Because this site is pretty basic, i haven’t had a need for lunarpages’s support. I’ve been with them one other time in the past and at that time (approx 1 year ago), their ticket response time was approx. 30 minutes.

    pricing: i pay 6.95/mo. while i’ll never come even remotely close to reaching that, it’s nice to know that it is (hopefully) there.

    overall: lunarpages gets a 5 (out of 5) in my book. they have been good to me with the service they provide, have met my expectations and live up to what they offer on their site.

  16. I’m a novice at website building. I chose Lunar Pages mostly because of all the good reviews I found, especially about their reliability and uptime.

    I looked hard for something negative, even checked out their support forum for unresolved issues but found none.

    I’ve only been subscribed with them for a couple of days now and the contact, responsiveness, and acknowledgment on their part is confidence inspiring. I feel assured that I made the right choice.

  17. Their offerings and Simple Scripts has made is Extremely easy for me to launch my websites and multiple client websites.

  18. Good company.Their prices are pretty good too, matching other competitors and beating them most of the time.

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